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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Got an 03 RSX type S with 150k miles. Got it for a good price I felt. But upon further inspection, 3 of 4 motor mounts broken, cv joint broken, tie rods shot I figured as much, and ball joints shredded with silver showing on all of it. Anyway, Im no mechanic and decided to do it all myself. Got...
  2. Lighting RSX
    Was wondering if its possible to rewire fog lights to act as turn signal lights too
  3. Auto Talk
    Hygroscopicity The first and most important thing you need to know about alcohol is that it is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic means that it will readily absorb moisture from its surroundings. In our case, the "surroundings" would be the atmsophere, and that atmosphere contains water. The higher the...
  4. General RSX Discussion
    It's called an Air bypass valve; and it connects where the elbow of the intake would go; its not for FI cars; but in a simplistic way, what it will do is in the event your filter comes submerged in water the sponge will contract block water from goinging pass the throttle body. i know some of...
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Some may remember me, some don't, but the other night I looked through my old thread where I was car of the month, and someone had asked how does my current car look like now. I figured I'd make a thread and be a whore. Here's how my DC5 looked before the part out 3 years ago. Well after...
  6. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Its been on my mind for awhile, Type R cams or Stage 3 cams preferably Skunk2. Which1 guys?? which would give out more to the wheel? thanks for your help
  7. All Motor RSX
    I just got dyno tuned at Church automotive and got 251.6 hp and 186.1 lbft. Shawn told me there is no way that my engine is stock now I have AEM CAI(dirty as hell filter) + Toda RH+ powergetter+Kpro+RBC before the tune, with OEM ECU I only made 214.9 HP and 161.5 lbft I bought the car from my...
  8. General RSX Discussion
    Well i'm only 17 and have a strict budget for mods, a situation i'm sure many of you are all too familiar with. I bought an OBX Catback for my base auto a couple weeks ago and it was shipped and installed (with some modification). The catback was only $125 which seems a lot cheaper than anything...
  9. Exterior Mods RSX
    hahaha whos down to buy some
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    hey fellas, my names ethan. i've been lurkin around on here for a bit. Don't have an rsx, i actually am rockin an es1. Just thought i'd say hi. I've been dealing with suspension for the past few months and its about time to move onto the motor... debating between going k, or turbo d... we'll...
  11. Auto Talk
    doods in my unit, thinks this camaro runs 10's. told everyone else it ran 9's. he changed his story around me cuz he knew i was going to bust him out. still did. also it has no cage so i dont see how he went to a bracket race and won
  12. Engine Building & Design
    Ok so the time has come, I have decided to build my motor and upgrade to a better turbo kit (full race twinscroll EFR with the 8000 series turbo). I bought a spare shortblock to have sent out for sleeves, etc... also picked up a spare head. What do you guys think on this list? Stuff in blue...
  13. North East
    well honda day is today in NJ and thought wat if a bunch of people on clubrsx took a roadtrip out there to go and have a blast .. i couldnt make it cuz im currently deployed but i return around feb.. there are 2 honda days a year in jersey the best one is in august.. wat i wanna kno is who would...
  14. Mid West
    Some of you know me or seen the car before... etc. etc. etc. though i'd share a little teaser of what it's up to... Suja 1 Motoring CRX part 2 almost complete :)
  15. Wheels & Tires
    Do you think is300 wheels will flow well with RSX? they're 17x7 +50
1-17 of 98 Results