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  1. Canada East
    Southern Ontario CRSX Meetup at PZtuning in Waterloo on Thursday Oct 3rd at 6pm! Celebrate Octoberfest in KW! Anyone interested in coming out and showing off their RSX's? I'll have my 407hp Time Attack car out for everyone to check out :)
  2. Canada East
    Tomy told me a new chat could be made on Thursday. Well it's 12:01am Thursday here in Atlantic Time so figured lets get this ball rolling Miss cbrodbro
  3. Wheels & Tires RSX
    Well, i think it's about time to trade my wheels. Not going to sell them for cash because it is my daily car and i'll need some other wheels, but i will be happy to ship them anywhere as long as the person im trading with agrees we both pay for out own shipping. They have freshly polished lips...
  4. Southern Cali
    There's a car meet tonight in riverside if no one Is doing anything tonight Here's the address 10116 indiana Ave, riverside ca 92503
  5. Southern Cali
    LA Noyze presents, this thursday 10/13, TWO separate clubs events to your choosing!! if youre down to see NAUGHTY SCHOOL GIRLS get their education on hit up AVALON (first flyer) ...but if youre down to see MODELS showing off their LINGERIE collection hit up HIGHLANDS (second flyer) HMU for...
  6. Florida
    hey wats up guy does any one remember this meet it was really good at one point i think we should try to start it up again....... if any one is down let me know its would be Thursday nights @ tropical park in the parking lot that's next to the baseball field that behind the Hess gas station.
  7. Southern Cali
    if you guys aint got nothing to do this coming thursday, hit up our first night at HIGHLANDS!! HMU for the guestlist, pm me, email me or text me 323-683-125four DON'T call the number thats on the bottom of the flyer... lol hope to see you guys
  8. Mid West For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    I prefer pick up. We can work something out if it needs to be shipped.. I'm in Decorah, IA on the weekends and Cedar Falls, IA on the weekdays. Give me an offer.. FIRST COME FIRST SERVICE WITH REASONABLE OFFER GETS IT A lot of the stuff is still on the car. yet.. LOOKING FOR TO BUY -02- 04...
  9. Canada West
    These meets are still going on. 6:30 - 9:00 Starbucks on Jacklin road behind the Westshore Mall. Were getting between 12 and 20 cars out each evening..., come on out and meet some of the other car owners in town..., I arrive around 7pm and hang around till like 8:30. Sometimes we cruise after...
  10. Florida
    does anyone go to the meet in london square on thursdays only seen the guy with aspec parts and his crew. just wondering if anyone else goes to have more rsx come out
  11. Southern Cali
    Hello everyone! I would like to invite the ClubRSX community to a monthly Thursday night meet that I host at The Hat in Temple City. All makes and models are welcome as long as you follow the rules. Hope to see everyone soon! Thanks. Date/Time: Every last Thursday of the month. The Hat: 8:00...
  12. Texas
    Time: 8pm Address: 2204 Midway Rd Plano,TX This is our second meet and wanted to invite ClubRSX , had a few RSXs out but more couldn't hurt! RSVP Link...
  13. Canada East
    Thursday July 28 PLEASE ARRIVE BY 5:45PM, so we're the first ones on the track. Location: Teambuy has a special today only for 6 hours of go-karting at Grand Prix Kartways for only $28. Normal price is two races for $22. In 6 hours you can get in 8-10 races. LINK...
  14. Northern Cali
    This Thursday 04/28/11 the "TOO SLOW THURSDAY" meet at James Logan High School on Alvarado Niles Rd in Union City. Time 8.00 pm to 12.30am Rules, same as any meet, respect, no burnouts, no trash. pretty sure everyone knows how meets should go.
1-15 of 69 Results