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  1. RSX vs. All
    So my buddy bought an 05 Tib gt and wanted to race. So we go down some side road in North Georgia and race from a stop . My car (base 04 5-speed) only has a GReddy evo 2 cat back exhaust on it, every thing else is stock. The GT tib was bone stock + 1 person though. We start out and i immediately...
  2. RSX vs. All
    friend of a friend has a hyundai tiburon, i think its an 06, i know nothing about hyundais, its got exhaust, i have whats in my sig, he challenged me and he seems confident, im pretty sure ill own him, what do you guys think
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    My '02 Type S and my brother's '03 Turbo Tib
  4. Exterior Mods RSX
    my friend wants me to reddout his tails on his tib. can someone who is selling vinyl give me a price on this? i know for the rsx its $5USD, but im going to need double the amount to cover all of the amber on the tib. about 12" x 6" for each taillight. thnx