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  1. Outdoor Items
    Hey guys, Picked up a Tib 8.1 and a TiPX and I only want the Tib 8.1. Guy advertised it as a stock TPX and I get it and it looks like not only is it a TiPX he said he only used it once. Taking it apart, I noticed, he upgraded it a lot. Lapco Co2 cap Lapco Metal shroud with Rail on top TechT...
  2. Outdoor Items
    Gun has been used literally just one outing and even then it only went through about 4 Co2 cartridges I will include everything that is shown which is the Gun itself 14 inch tippman barrel Tippman gun holster that holds an extra magazine and 5 Co2 cartridges 3 magazines will sell for 250 Or...
1-2 of 2 Results