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  1. General RSX Discussion
    Hey there, I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to wheel stuff but I had a quick question to ask. Does anyone know if 18x9+22 wheels fit an RSX good without having to modify anything such as camber and what not? I plan on lowering my car right after getting wheels too on coils (I want an...
  2. General RSX Discussion
    Read more about Black Friday 2018: All the Best Tire Deals You Can Score This Year at
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Hello everyone. Just wanted to share a useful resource for those looking to find recommended tire pressure settings for their car model. Recommended Tire Pressure
  4. Wheels & Tires
    What’s the best fitment on it , and tire size recommend on this .. ??
  5. Wheels & Tires
    Whats up, currently looking for a set of tires to go with my RPF1s. These are the specs: 17x10, +18 offset. Looking more for performance but something that can be daily driven. was thinking about Nitto; like their the NT05s or NT05r or NT555r. If anyone has tried them would be helpful to...
  6. Exterior Mods RSX
    18x9.5 klutch sl5 wheels came with 3 tires 2 215/40 and 215/30 I bought another 215/30 mounted the tires lowered the jack from last wheel mount and pssshhh tire popped of beam got it re mounted drove around corner same tire went flat I don't want stretched tire I want functionality so will...
  7. Exterior Mods RSX
    I just bought a 2004 rsx base, im looking to put new wheels and tires on it. What size wheels and tires do you guys recommend?
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Found these plugs ate up
  9. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hello, Before I sold my 2002 Acura RSX Type-S (see my sig for details) I had my custom spare tire subwoofer enclosure removed. It's been sitting in storage since I thought I'd get another RSX. Long story short, that ship has sailed and now I'd like to see if anyone else would be interested in...
  10. Wheels & Tires
    What is the biggest tire that I can fit on 05-06 type-s wheel???
1-10 of 500 Results