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  1. remove JOBS from off topic

    Community Help
    CRSX should downsize in some thread areas. JOBS thread being one of them. Really there is not much use, and adds a lot of clutter.
  2. Off topic jordan retro 4's

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Jordans retro 4's for sale or trade for sale for 350$ dead stock let me know I can send pics upon request hit me up 951-662-7186
  3. FS : Off topic (new era hats for sale)

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Picked up for $25 by San Gabriel medical center, or pico Rivera By krikorian Or $28 shipped plus paypal fees Message me or comment if interested Sent from Free App
  4. Cooking/Food section in Off Topic

    Community Help
    New section please
  5. Why put a Type R badge on your Type S? Badge topic

    General RSX Discussion
    I understand some do an engine swap but most who have it don't...really.. So why do you do this? I just want to know why change The S badge to R knowing its not an engine swap or shipped from Japan....I'm not trying to :laughat: I just want to know if this is just a thing only a few have it...
  6. JP Midpipe (Back from the dead topic i know)

    Bolt-On Basics EP3
    Whats up, as most of us know the 02-05 EP3 backbox is pretty free flowing for up to 300 HP or so ive read. Anyways i plan on purchasing the JP brand stainless steel mandrel bent 2 inch midpipe w/included resonator designed to bolt up to the stock muffler. My questions are as follows: 1. For...
  7. NO PIN on my Drivers Side Low Beam Bulb!!! HELP!

    Lighting RSX
    So my passenger side low beam bulb went pretty good. But I've always thought that my drivers side bulb was just burnt... but when i went to take out the power connector out the whole housing/bulb came with it. I then took off the rubber seal and it turns out theres no pin, so the previous...
  8. New Topic: Depo Headlights.... Install? HID?

    Exterior Mods EP3
    I am thinking of getting 04-05 Depo projector headlights. I currently have an HID setup on my EP3. Would it be a straight up headlight swap?
  9. -off topic- i have a 350z and i need help with my airbags install

    The DIY Garage RSX
    i know this is a rsx forum. i do own a rsx, i just cant seem to find a DIY on how to install 2003 350z side airbags.. does anyone here know a site or somewhere where i can see how it is done? sorry ty
  10. Topic Ideas?

    Engine Building & Design
    Just curious is anyone has any ideas for threads they would like to see. I am thinking some basic stuff like how to measure bearings, how to assemble a motor, etc would be good but I am hoping for some other ideas. Let me know what you guys want to see and I will do what I can to get them on here.
  11. lost on a overly beaten topic, not sure what i should do

    Wheels & Tires
    so lately i have been wanting a set of rims, 18"s becuase i want the car to look good. i have been thinking about getting a set of buddy club sf challenge rims in black and red. i wanted to go with 8.5 or 7.5 for more contact with the road. but lately i am wondering if 18s are a bad idea. im n\a...
  12. Off Topic suggestion

    Community Help
    I thought it would be cool to have an Clothing and Aparrel sub-section under the Off-Topic section.
  13. Off Topic Not Rsx

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    a buddies of mine has a 89 hatchie... the brakes lock up on passenger side.... sumtimes they are fine but the pedal is smusshy... and sumtimes it will get fucking rock solid... any ideas he put new rotors... new calipers... new pads... new fluid.. blead everything... anymore ideas...
  14. Off Topic Forums

    Community Help
    Why can I only see The Lounge under off topic now? The other sub categories were visible yesterday!
  15. an interesting oil topic

    General RSX Discussion
    ok this is kinda little off the rsx discussion but it is because its about oil you should put in your car... today i went to pa with my dad he just bought an brand new 08KTM450. so we were talking to the service department manager doing an overview on the bike. go figure we started talking about...
  16. boost gauge, garbage? maybe....tsx crank pulley topic..

    Supercharging RSX
    well its funny cause i have a 3.2 inch pulley...and kpro wont log past i inserted in between 8 - 12 tables to get a 10psi and it wont read to the 10 i inserted another column so that 9psi would i am running a 9psi pulley and i have a STOCK header...
  17. Editing Topic Titles

    Community Help
    Is there any way to edit them without asking a moderator or admin?
  18. ***off Topic Forums Proposal***

    Community Help
    ***Off Topic Forums Proposal*** We need a style section in offtopic to make it complete. All the threads about business attire, what to wear to interviews, clubbing dress codes etc. would go in there. Keep in mind fashion is not the same thing as style, style is what you wear and fashion is...
  19. LED Conversions DIY topic

    The DIY Garage RSX
    I was thinking the other day while purchasing the LEDs to do some LED conversions: I know that blue looks cool on the blue RSX's, but what about different color cars? This got me to thinking. For those that own White/Silver/Black how about a white LED conversion or black light, you know the...
  20. **Official Norcal Rsx Sightings Thread - Plz stay on topic!**

    Northern Cali
    spotted a black rsx with oz rims and a k24 hybrid + Comptech supercharger stock height type r front / rear but no sides?