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  1. The New Toys Are Being Installed Today

    All Motor RSX
    Toda A3 Cams Toda Valve Train Skunk2 Ti Retainers RC 550 CC Injectors DriveShaft Shop Stage 2 Axles. I can't wait to see what my times look like after this.
  2. one of my new toys:)

    Turbo RSX
    Just came in today cause precision was out of cartridges for a while: gt4067r purchased from :driving:
  3. New toys Ready!!!

    All Motor RSX
    Best was 14.144 at 3500ft with crappy weather last year. Hopefully this will get me the 0.15 I need to become only n/a 4 cyl to get 13's at that track. Then in a few weeks, the RBC and bored tb will go on. Parts: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 15x7 rims(thanks Todd at Frisby Tire) M&H 23x8.5-15...
  4. new jdm toys !

    JDM Only RSX
    guess what just came in :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. Brand New Toys (Tear)

    Turbo RSX
    these bring a tear to my eye :)
  6. More new toys!!!

    Turbo RSX
  7. More New Toys

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Traction, phase 2
  8. My new toys

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    they are just sitting in my family room :( but i'm getting em put on in a week...just thought i'd share my good news :)...can't wait to put em on
  9. New Toys!!

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Hopefully this will help with traction until I can get a LSD installed.
  10. Toys :)

    Exterior Mods RSX
    halo projectors My C-west Replica from Clubrsx front sides Rear Now what do you guys think should i mold the rectangles flush or just leave it how it is
  11. Just ordered new toys

    Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    I just ordered the VT short shifter set and a Voodoo spun Aluminum knob...I can't wait! The combination of the heavy knob and short throws should prove to make one very sweet setup! Ideally, I want a bit heavier feel to the shifts. The stock shifter is too easy to move, and shifts don't feel...
  12. New toys....

    All Motor RSX
    Just picked up my JRRH (used) from Sik Lil Playa and ITR cams (new) from Hondawerx. :thumbsup: Now I just have to get my exhaust and I'm pretty much set... Peace WhiZ ITR cams:
  13. n e one heard of boom plus toys

    Exterior Mods RSX
    any one hear of or buy things from boom plus toys they have a lot of parts i want i just want to know if they are legit or not.
  14. New Toys!

    All Motor RSX
    Hopefully this will put me over 200whp. :laughing: :driving:
  15. new toys.. Cwest N1, JDM headlights

    Exterior Mods RSX
    get it back tomorrow, but went to see it today. heres some pics. yumm... JDM headlights Cwest N1 DAMN!! i love fitment on authentic shit.
  16. my new toys

    Turbo RSX
    here is some stuff i installed this past saturday, sorry for the poor quality, the lighting was bad for my camera phone. Besides blowing the upper intercooler piping twice which sounded like a rod snapped, everything is good. The car pulls harder then you can imagine. The factory bov was...
  17. Boom plus toys type-r kit

    Exterior Mods RSX
    if this has been posted sorry. but i did a little search and didn't come up with anything about ths kit. If anyone on here has it how was the fittment? especially on the sides and rear. I'm thinking about getting a cf front lip but am not going to do cf on all the pieces. I feel a litlle...
  18. My new toys

    All Motor RSX
    Just got my Fujitsubo and comptech all polished up. Still working on them to make them show shiney...
  19. Pic of my two toys

    Car Care RSX
    I gave her a good wash and wax job. What do you think?:dontknow: I need to get a clay bar though because I have pesky little "rust flakes" that wouldn't come out.:jigglemad
  20. NEW TOYS!! s2k side markers and diamond floor mats.. PICS!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    NEW TOYS!! s2k side markers and diamond floor mats and sparco pedals.. PICS! well, here are my new toys.. it took about 3 hrs to install the sidemarkers... i got s2000 sidemarkers and used the new PIAA LED bulbs.. very bright.. as far as the diamond mats, they look great... get the mats from...