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  1. Car Care RSX
    I haven't found a thread like this so I'd thought I'd share. We're here and we have an account cause we love our cars, so it seems logical most of us wash them and keep them cleaned, I know I do. So how do you clean your car? How in depth do you go? Are there certain products you like over...
  2. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Do you guys have any tricks to lock these / prevent slipping? I've had a shop 2x torque to 130 ibs and still they slip. Any ideas? would painting work? Is there some other method to achieve -2 degrees of camber thats NOT a caster/camber plate?
  3. Transmission & Drive Train RSX
    What a waste . Im sick of this forum, im on other forums and this is the most immature one ive ever seen. people really need to grow up is this the type of people this car attracts? i know your not all like this and thanks to the people the are helpfull and actually give a damn Thanks. But the...
  4. Car Care RSX
    I'm not much of an expert at detailing but I have a set of matt black fno1rc and was wondering what's the best way to keep them clean like they were fresh out of the box. I'm asking because my rims are building up brake dust.
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Halloween... the night where either you are too old and still run around trying to fill bags of candy... or where you're trying to keep those damn kids off your lawn. Orange is for pumpkins, but this month it is for RSX's. The infamous color Blazed Orange Metallic. You know what to do. *NOTE*...
  6. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Got my ESMM installed today. It took me a few hours but I wasn't in a hurry and working alone. I used ivtecdaily's instructions as a guide, found below. I also have some helpful hints and tricks to make your install easier. I jacked the...
  7. All Motor RSX
    My 2002 RSX-S has 56,000 miles on it, and it still lovededed a new mod. I have been dynoing my car at the same place to cut down on variables. Today, I was using redline oil that had around 125 miles on it. Here are the results: Injen CAI, Hondata IMG, Toda ExMani, Mugen Exhaust vs all that...
  8. Car Care RSX
    I work at a detail shop and i have cleaned all cars from toyota's to Bently's here are som tricks you can use for cleaning your car 1. Peanut butter removes road paint!! the oil in it acts as an emulsifier and breaks down the road paint but wax the area afterwards cause it could break down the...
  9. Car Care RSX
    I got a thin scratch on my bumper, I polished the are and put touch-up paint on it, but it still looks kind of bad, does anybody know of any way I can make it look better, any products or tools, or a technique for putting touch up paint on there? I searched but couldn't find anything, I know...
  10. Exterior Mods RSX
    Does anyone have any good tricks for trimming the vinyl without scratching the tailight with the exacto blade?
  11. Car Care RSX
    I got pegged with a baseball on the left side of my car on the bar line that's to the left of the back windshield. Is there any home methods of removing it? Or am I going to have to remove some inside panels and pop it out? Thanks for any help :)
1-11 of 16 Results