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  1. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Background on car. 2005 Auto RSX w/185k+. CAI, Hondata IMG, and street tuned with Kpro (thanks to josolanes for dealing with my questions). Per Honda my cams and rockers are worn and it will cost me about $1150 to replace. Perfect time to do a swap right.... So I have a good price on a K24a2 so...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    History: my car is my DD. It will never see a track or autoX, How ever, I do live 45 minutes from Deals Gap and the Skyway, not to mention other great back country mountain roads here in the Ocoee and Cherokee forrest. I am a very spirited driver. I was considering going 17x9+28 DR31's and...
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Does anyone know where the rear defroster trigger wire is located? The black/yellow stripe wire (brown plug) under the radio supposedly supplies the power to the defroster. I didnt get a chance to test the wire yet but if its not a constant +, could I just simply add a relay so that the remote...
  4. ECU Tuning RSX
    I know alot of stand alone or piggy back systems I.E. (HKS V-Pro) have an option to turn on a secondary fuel pump when the system senses certain amount of boost. Point of this thread.. Does K-pro have that option or do you have to just incorp. a Hobbs pressure switch for the secondary pump to...
  5. General RSX Discussion
    Hey guys, I know I'm a newb and let the flame begin! I drive a 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 with 20k and some change and am thinking about trading it in for a RSX-S. My buddy used to have one and I thought it was neat. My truck does high 13's at low 100's and I was just wondering if you guys think I...
  6. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I purchased a used RSX not very long ago. I pulled the factory alarm out and installed a Clifford Matrix alarm. Everything seemed to go just fine, but sometimes when I lock my car, it tells me the hood is open. The first thing of course would be to assume that they hood trigger wire I did is...
  7. Photography
    One transmitter, one receiver, and a PC sync cord. Had some trouble with misfires when I first got them, but after switching channels, the misfires were basically 0. $15 Shipped
  8. General RSX Discussion
    I need to replace these two mounts (highlighted in red) Is the transmission mount included in this kit?
  9. Auto Talk
    So, after quite a few months of searching, flipping coins, debating with myself, and crunching numbers...I've made a move. As of this evening I am the owner of a 2001 BMW M3. As much as I love the RSX, it isn't enough car for me. I enjoy what it is; I respect what it is...but I just need...
  10. Exterior Mods RSX
    The locking stick rods (im blank on the proper name) uh when I removed the door panel it turns into a hex at the bottom, looks like it can unscrew. I see at some stores they sell replacement and cooler looking locks. Could I just wrench the lock off without braking anything? That would be neato.
1-10 of 12 Results