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  1. Canada East
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    Well, i'm pretty new here to crsx, got my 02 pwp rsx-s about 3 months ago and been working on it since. Its pretty basic since it's my daily, but i like it that way. I figure ill show my past builds first then show my dc5. turbo ej8-Was stolen at honda day :( em1 with bolt on's-stolen exact...
  3. Mid Atlantic
    pa crew > ohio > trolls visiting this thread, lulz saeta has no imagination *chat* :wavey:
  4. RSX vs. All
    Car bashing, name calling, insults, and trolling must be kept to a minimum in this sub forum or you guys will find ALL of your conversations kept very short. I will be closing threads immediately if I see this happening. I understand that nature of this particular sub-forum, but this is...
1-8 of 14 Results