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  1. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Hi everyone, i have a small truck for you, i think this's a good man for your family. somebody call it a xe tai dfsk 990kg thai lan. thanks for watching... love you
  2. General RSX Discussion
    Read more about the Honda Civic, Volvo XC90 Win North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards at
  3. Florida Registration will be $20 day of the show- or groups of 5 or more gets the admission dropped to $15- , you may pre-register only if you have a group of 5 or more. you can pre-register by using paypal simply use the email addr...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, I posted a thread on 7/10 about wondering if there was a correct way to install a ball joint from the seat of my RSX at 0331 EST, little did I know that would be the last time the car wasn't deemed a total loss due to this idiot tow truck driver. I filed a complaint with the better...
  5. North East
    Liverpool, New York July 7 2013 8am-5pm for more information go to street scene 2013 on Facebook! See you there!!!
  6. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Last week the truck stopped opening to my RSX. Can't open from in the inside or outside... any suggestions?
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so like the title says my trunk is stuck shut even when it's unlocked and can't get it open any ideas?
  9. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I'm looking to buy the trunk actuator on an 02 base rsx model along with its cover (plastic latch cover that you remove to access the actuator ) in black. Also looking for a passenger door side actuator. Txt me at 617 615 2221 or reply here please.
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, I replaced my door actuators a few months back, but did not do the trunk. Now ,the trunk will get stuck occasionally and not open. Weird thing is, it only does this when it's hot. In the morning/evening it opens just find. Any sense to this? Anyway, I'm hoping there is a way that...
  11. Member Show-Off RSX
    My real project ride ;) Thinking about putting my 06 rsx leathers in and using the rear rsx seat material for the dash or something like a console, idk. But, need to get it painted black like it is, but currently some of the 31 year old paint is peeling clearcoat. Currently: -305 with 650 cfm 4...
  12. Everything Else
    I am doing some spring cleaning and decided this could use a new home. It's a Kyosho remote controlled mini monster truck, that I have completely upgraded with all new aluminum parts. It works great and even comes with a nice charger (batts not included), I would rate the condition as very-good...
  13. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    im looking to buy the small light thats on the right side of the truck. lmk if anyone has one
  14. Auto Talk
    see Garbage truck on 2 wheels :D fuuny
1-15 of 103 Results