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  1. Southern Cali
    Meet and Greet For all my fella's out there that haven't gotten the chance to goto a vietnamese cafe shop like the infamous Cafe Lu (search them up on fb and you will know what i'm talking about) Than this is your chance to come out to my friends Cafe Mystic GRAND OPENING Ladies are welcome...
  2. Texas
    hey, anyone know some one with a 4x4, or have one? i got my jeep stuck in some mud and need help getting it out. thanks for the help.
  3. North East
    Anyone around New Brunswick want to meet up at the grease trucks anytime soon? I've had my rsx for a while now but still haven't met any other rsx'ers. I know you're around here though, I've seen one or two. Anyone interested?
  4. North East
    any1 wanna meet up at the trucks at RU
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hey all had the car for a little over a year Here is what I got so far. All comments welcome. Goodz or Badz. DATS IT!
  6. North East
    anyone down for a grease trucks meet in New Brunswick? im thinking sometime in may when its nice and warm out
  7. North East
    Not bad for a late notice meet ;) site: If you have never had these calorie-rich and artery blocking sandwiches, you gotta try it! Click here for Directions When: July 3rd, 2008 at 9pm Where...
  8. General RSX Discussion
    I got curious and started searching on google. I guess I'll start drafting trucks at 150 feet from now on. from and this from
  9. Canada East
    can someone please explain this shit? Its like the shocker sticker fad
  10. Exterior Mods RSX
    Moving down the interstate when the cars in front of me hit a piece of tire left by a truck. I could not avoid it. The piece hit my front bumper and bent the license plate holder and one of the lids poped out where the fog lights go. Can the be replaced and where can I get one.
  11. Car Care RSX
    I was driving home today in another snow storm, AGAIN. I was in a area where there was a lot of traffic going at a snails pace when I see a LARGE sand truck coming from the other direction spraying sand. Before I kmew it I here this loud sound. The god dam sand truck had just blasted sand down...
  12. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
  13. Car Care RSX
    i'm sure many of us have had the same problem... rocks being kicked up at your car on the highway by trucks and causing some damage.. i already cracked my windshield on i-95 awhile back, and i'm getting my windshield replaced, but i noticed i have a chip on my hood it looks like a rock hit it...
1-13 of 15 Results