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  1. Turbo guys help a brother out please with my 240

    Turbo RSX
    so i recently bought a s13 with a sr20 swap with a big mod list and the car has seemed very legit and problemless but i have come accross this the 240 is kinda being a pain in the ass and im not too familiar with turbo setups... problems 1. oil return line off the turbo is leakin oil, just...
  2. TONS OF K STUFF. B stuff.. pistons,tubro parts, ETC...

    Everything Else
    PIXXXXXXXXXX FTW! prices do NOT include Shipping! ok guys heres the deal, these parts are up for sale, they are not mine, im selling for a friend ****AGAIN.. Prices DO NOT include shipping***** PARTS SOLD (if not already marked next to price) k aem fuel rail k stock cams n rocker assembly k...
  3. Tubro Question Opinions welcome

    Turbo RSX
    Well next summer I am looking into joining the turbo club.Also next summer my friend with his 05 STI is going to do a turbo upgrade and get a new one. Questions Would it be possible with the right parts for me to use that turbo in my rsx? Would it even be worth it? or Would I be better off with...
  4. Kpro- Tubro base on Turbo Civic SI program.

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I'm just finishing up installing the CN stage 1 turbo on my base rsx. I also installed a Type S intake manifold and a Spoon Type R throttle body. My car now is equivalent to the Civic Si correct? So i might as well run the preloaded programs under the Civic section on my Kpro. My question...
  5. Top 3 Best Tubro Companies

    Turbo RSX
    What are the 3 best companies out there for rsx-s? 1 - 2 - 3 -
  6. Greddy tubro Kit Installation Questions

    Turbo RSX
    so my friend ownes a turbo charged integra gsr (1998) and hes not a professional tuner but he is decent with cars and he says hes installed at least 3 turbo kits including his and he says that he can take out his turbo in about 2 hours maybe a lil more. what i was wondering was that if i was to...
  7. JR SC vs Tubro

    Turbo RSX
    I just bought my RSX-S i only have intake exhuast and dcrh and the hondata is the next thing after that during the summer i was wanting to get either the Jackson Racing supercharger or a turbo of some kind what are your views on what i should do?
  8. Can an RSX handle tubro

    Turbo RSX
    Hi. I am going to be getting my first car soon and I wanna Drag race it. I was wondering if the RSX can take turbo, can it?? Also is it a reliable car?? Also how fast can I make it with 10k in mods?? Can i get it into the 11' or 12's with 10k?? Thanks for the help