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  1. Battery Light Won't Turn Off 2002 RSX Type S

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I know there are lots of threads on here talking about this same issue and they pretty much all say the same thing, either new battery or new alternator. The light came on from the previous owner. Who replaced the battery and the alternator. I got hurt at work after purchasing the car and it sat...
  2. Fans Wont Turn On

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, this is driving me nuts. I overheat at stop lights, but when I'm driving, the temperature is normal. I know my fans are not turning on when they should be. I know its not the thermostat because I use the torque app on my phone and I can see when the coolant hits 205 F, it will drop...
  3. Turn signals aren’t working and emergency flashers button isn’t staying on

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Turn signals aren’t working and emergency flashers button isn’t staying on I installed after market radio on 2004 rsx and the turn signals don’t work my flashers come on when I push the button but they don’t stay on unless I hold them.
  4. Car won't turn on all the time

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi I have an on going issue with my type s. When I try and it it on it will click but not crank but if I try enough time (any where from 2-10) it will finally crank on. It won't really want to start usually after I drive it somewhere like gas station or store and than try to turn it on. It's...
  5. Radiator fans dont turn on but throw p0505 when they should turn on

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi y'all. I feel like ive tried everything and searched all over crsx for an answer, but cant find one. I recently replaced my radiator on my 2002 Rsx type -s and both fans worked fine after i did that, but now they dont turn on at all. The fan motor relay boxes (the black ones in the fuse box...
  6. 02 rsx-s won�t turn over or go into 5th gear

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    02 rsx-s won’t turn over or go into 5th gear Please disregard.
  7. Installed an aftermarket head unit and it won't turn on.

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I bought an 03 RSX a week ago and decided to install a new stereo since the one in it already would turn on and off randomly. Bought a cheap Boss one from Autozone and while installing it the power and ground wires from the cars end of the harness touched and sparked and made some smoke. The car...
  8. Starting Issue: Starts 2nd time I turn it over (when hot)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, Been having this problem for a long time and I really want to fix it. When my rsx is COLD.. it starts up fine right away. But once I drive it somewhere and it warms up and shut it off - I have to try 2 times to start the car. The first try it sounds like its trying to fire the...
  9. Left turn signal not working / buzz sound

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi guys so I have an issue with my turn signals and it's kind of random. Half the time the driver side turn signal is buzzing and it doesn't work at all The passenger side turn signal always works in the rear but it never works in the front Sometime it'll work fine after buzzing for a while...
  10. Turn key nothing but power

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys ive had this problem for a little while now. When i go to start my car i turn the key and hear a humming noise then i turn it one more click and nothing at all happens. I have all my lights and everything working. This has happed a few times before but i give it a few minutes try again...
  11. FS: K-tuned Universal 3 inch turn down muffler BNIB

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    $150 FIRM. You can text me (626) 757 9101. Will ship at buyers expense.
  12. RSX-S 06 Aftermarket side mirror turn signals

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Does anyone know if the glass is see through from the back. I purchased these and watched a few videos about install. Everyone removed the mirror than places the turn signals than the mirror back on top and re glues the mirror. I came across this video...
  13. Wheel hub hard to turn, clunking squealing

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, by any chance anyone know what this problem is? My front driver side wheel was making a loud squeeking scratching noise decelerating to a stop and accelerating from a stop. I figured it was just the brake caliper slightly sticking and keep driving for a couple days. Now yesterday...
  14. All electronics turn off while driving

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Initially when I turn my car on everything works perfectly, then when driving for 5-10 minutes the gauge starts flashing the DRL, Battery light turns on, SRS light turns on, and the ABS light turns on. Sometimes the handbrake light turns on and flashes for a short amount of time. After all that...
  15. Left Fog won't turn on

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have a 06 type s and my left side fog light won't turn I had after market fog light on and it was let working so I bought and installed oem dogs and the left side still ain't working has any1 had this problem can't find about it anywhere?!
  16. Turn signal - Wierd Problem Help?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have no idea what is going on. My turn signals work like a champ... for days. Then they don't work at all. I flip the lever and nothing happens. Then I start it two days later and they work fine again. WTF? I replaced all the signal fuses, and the signal relay. I even replaced the...
  17. Turn signal lens fell out inside Headlight

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    so the lens covering my turn signal recently became dislodged and fell out within my headlight housing. Has anyone encountered this before and have a solution or is there a place that could fix this for me (I'm in Socal)? Other than cooking the headlight apart and fixing it in place I'm not sure...
  18. Electrical Buzz from Turn Signals

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Today my turn signals (left, right, and hazards) have started to emit an electrical buzz intermittently during the normal blinker sounds (it sometimes buzzes during the clicks but then will stop). It's a high-pitch sound coming from the instrument cluster, and definitely new. Has anyone...
  19. Aftermarket alarm won't turn off...

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I had an acquaintance put an aftermarket alarm on my 02 rsx. Just replaced my throttle body and installed new CAI. I don't use the aftermarket alarm anymore, but when I disconnect the battery and reconnect it, I have to use the fob to disable the alarm. Unfortunately the fob isn't reading the...
  20. a/c wont turn off

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    the green light on the a/c button on my dash wont turn of never has the 1.5 years ive had it if i turn the air temperature knob to cold it goes on a/c cooling what is the problem ? how do i fix it?