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  1. Metal ping/clunk noise when turning

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I recently put new coilovers on my rsx-s and a few days after I installed them I started hearing the metal ping/clunking noise while turning the steering wheel so I looked at my tie rods and the boots were really messed up and wiggling so I got full k tuned tie rods and I finally start to drive...
  2. Slipping feeling/loud ping noise while reversing and turning

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Just installed TruHart coilovers on my Type S, they feel great but after about 2 months my car is driving me insane. So far I’ve changed one cv on the driver side (getting to passenger in a few days) passenger is definitely showing damage.. grease all over the inside of the wheel and spray all...
  3. Auto Interior Lights Not Turning on

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Been driving 06 Type S for a couple of months now and something has always bothered me... I leave the dome light on auto and it works fine but then I noticed that the two map lights don’t turn on along with the dome light. As expected, the dome light turns on when the car is unlocked, doors are...
  4. Headlights not turning on, fuse/relays are good

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Struggling to figure this out. Can't seem to get my headlights to come on. The interior fuse box relays are clicking with the headlight switch, headlight fuses are good, and all grounds I can find are tight, clean, and free of paint. No matter what, I get no power at the headlight plug on the...
  5. Car won’t start from turning to start

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I’m sorry I’m still new to this and didn’t know to find the original thread to this, I have put the key in the ignition and turn it to on( which is 2) but when I go to start it everything just shuts off if I keep trying it the lights on the dash board flicker then shut off. Someone told me that...
  6. Rsx type S Car cranks for a while before turning over.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I sold my base and got a type S (pause) I know. I lost my clutch a month ago and just finished replacing my clutch with an ACT street sprung clutch. Did the job my self. I put everything back to my nest, but I now have a problem. The car will crank for a second or two before it will turn over...
  7. Air Fan intermittently turning off and on after starter replacement?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I recently replaced the starter in my Base 02 RSX. I've noticed that the fan blowing heat out of the vents mostly isn't working. Every now and then it will turn on for a little bit. I've also noticed that my cruise control randomly turns off. I'm assuming I loosened some connection but am unsure...
  8. 03 RSX Type-S , turning off/low rpm idling.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So i took my car for a drive today and yes it was a bit raining and a few puddles here n there nothing too crazy. After leaving my car parked for a while and ready to leave i noticed i had low gas and my car just turned off, thought it was a low fuel issue but managed to turn it on and drive it...
  9. Air condenser fan not turning on

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    What's up guys quick question. My AC condenser fan doesn't turn on. I was driving yesterday and it was super hot, passing 100 F and I was driving with AC, everything good then I noticed the temp gauge going up, I immediately opened windows and blasted the heater and it went down and I didn't...
  10. Grinding sound when turning on car

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So just this morning I noticed that when I turn my car on it makes this grinding sound like when you turn the key when the engine is already on. It just started that today, is the the starter? It has 132,000 miles so I'm thinking it's possible. What do you guys think?
  11. High Revs and shaking when turning on car

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So right when I turn my car on regardless of a cold or warm start the revs stay at 2k for about 2 mins and it gets loud inside then the revs slowly begin to drop to about 800 rpms and the loud sound goes away and the car stops vibrating so much. Has anybody experienced this? Is their a way to...
  12. Squeaking while turning the steering wheel left and right

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, There is a squeaking sound when I slightly move the steering wheel left and right on my 2006 RSX Type S, while I am in park. I checked the PS fluid and belts and everything is fine, but I can't seem to find where the problem is coming from. I have been researching this problem and...
  13. anti theft not turning on?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I noticed my green anti theft key never comes on is that normal or ?
  14. RF popping over bumps, grinding turning left, lots of road noise, motor ticking

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hey fellow EP owners, I've got a completely stock 2002 with a couple issues and I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out the problem. I understand you can't truly diagnose issues over the internet but I'm hoping at least you guys can point me in the right direction: 1) Right front makes a...
  15. need help asap.. car keeps turning off!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    OK just happened out of nowhere turned it on in the morning for work was good. After work I turned it on and it sounded weak like it was about to die and then eventually turned off.. now every time I turn it on rpms won't go up on its own and sounds likes it gonna turn off and it does.. it stays...
  16. My AC Condenser fan is not turning on?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have checked both the No.1 (30A) under hood fuse as well the No. 14 under dash fuse and they are perfectly fine. How can I find out why my fan is not turning on? this is causing hot air to blow from ac when not moving. AC works cold when moving.
  17. Milano Red Paint Turning Pink, Paint Job

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey what's up CRSX users. I have a Milano Red Type S 2004 and noticed how the top of my car is turning pink. My trunk is also pink but no where close to the slight pink I have on my roof. I want to re paint them but I'm scared I don't get the blending right. So I thought I might as well take it...
  18. braking turning off radio.

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    This all started to happen when my abs light turned on. After that every time I would press on the break my radio would turn off. Then when I let go of the break it would just come back. Also if I turned on any other electronic device like lights or ac my radio would turn off. I recently had my...
  19. Clunking noise when turning?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    So Im on raceland coils which have been on for a little over a year. When installing i busted the bushing of the tie rod ends when trying to take off OEM suspension. I recently replaced the tie rod ends cuz i started having cluncking noise when turning. I thought it was my busted tie rod ends...
  20. car keeps turning off

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    so i replaced both 02 sensors and the map sensor. my car clutch when popped in neutral the rpms fall all the way and the car turns off it also idles way to low and the car feels like its gonna turn off.