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  1. Part Outs EP3
    LOCATED IN CHULA VISTA CALIFORNIA. GOT A BUNCH OF THINGS FOR SALE lol. NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING BIGGER THAN A short shifter ATM. THANKS. prices after photos! ALSO IF item your looking for is not listed feel free to ask! EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE UNLESS STATED. with the exception of: -transmission...
  2. Part Outs EP3
    !!!SALE ON PAUSE DUE TO GOING OUT TO SEA UNTILL AUG 26!!! wassup guys xD gonna be cleaning the house out since i got quite a few things sitting around that i never plan on re installing. also i will be constantly adding things as i get photos of things. if my prices are too high my bad but...
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    -WARNING- build thread is pic HEAVY. xD Most recent pics: -yes i own 2- xD UPDATE! 11SEP14 Rpf1's and my type R rear installed! :D future plan for the rear lol YEAR: 2002 MILEAGE: 120k on chassis K24a2 swaped at 52k 72k on engine ENGINE: K24a2 swap OBX race header custom 2.5...
1-3 of 3 Results