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  1. Florida
    I have ONE buddy with a type s. ONE! I have a base myself but I'm trying to learn more about the car scene I just don't trust many people in the O. Been reading a lot on the forum and there are a lot of really nice folks here. Are there any Rsx meets or any buddies that get together that have...
  2. Southern Cali
    Facebook event. Just helping to spread the word!
  3. Canada East
    You now have your own coat of arms!
  4. Canada East
    Fellow RSX owners and import enthusiast, I have noticed that the car connections seen in the GTA is overwhelming compared to what is seen in this area. I see some sweet rsx's and other tuner's and no connections are ever made, which is why I decided to join clubrsx! I want southwestern to come...
  5. Northern Cali
    CALIFORNIA: Club RSX & Prelude Power Unite meet!! ...coming this summer for anyone interested. When: SAT July 10, 2010 Time: 10AM til whenever Where: TBA Who: ALL PRELUDE POWER & CLUB RSX MEMBERS (anyone else can join, really) More info coming as we get closer so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So i'm wondering how much a rebulid kit for our k20's are and how much time do you think it would be to rebulid the engine. I got a spun bearing and it needs to be fixed asap and for i'm hoping pretty cheap by doing it myself. Or would it be less of a pain to take it to a shop and have them...
  7. Mid West
    LOL just trying to see if we have any other CRSX members in Nebraska, please post up! I'd like to get some meets going.:thumbsup:
  8. Northern Cali
    This thread is by request and already approved by the admin of the site so let the posting begin! :w00t: Let's try to keep this clean from random whoring! :p Ok....GO! :camera: :camera: :camera: Guess I should start with a couple pics courtesy of Pat and Josh! :love:
1-10 of 25 Results