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  1. Texas
    I just want to see if anyone would be interested in having a mini-meet in ATX maybe mid July. The only reason I say "unofficial" is because I will not be making reservation for a picnic area and all the other bullshit that comes with state meet planning. We'll just show up to a park and find an...
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    post your base models :D
  3. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    With the permission of AWDRSXKiller this thread is started. Posting of timeslips only on this thread. I would rather not have bickering or discussions over times, let's keep it civil. Top 1/4 ETs: 1. 14.751 - thatwillowboy 2. 14.760 - PuckPuck 3. 14.983 - Sab0921 4. 15.026 - master22 5...