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  1. 10 year update

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Well Ive been on this site for almost 10 years now, I figured Id give an update on my RSX journey. No crazy builds or big wings or anything, Im not into that, but I have definitely been on a journey with the RSX chassis. I bought my first RSX in 2009. It was a 2002 Base 5 speed desert silver...
  2. Carl's Integra DC5 Type R, From the UK 10/5/18 Update

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Here we have my DC5 bought a few months ago freshly Imported from Japan, Only doing a few little things to it but don't want to go mad "will see" Here's the auction site photos of it in Japan First thing was nice new retrimed steering wheel Next was a bargain of a TegM...
  3. Attention - Password and Security Update

    Community Help
    Hello all, Over the next few days we will be implementing some changes to our forum password strength and password expiration policies. To make sure you continue having the best experience possible on the community, we regularly monitor the site and the Internet to keep everyone's account...
  4. OHTHATRSX Magnesium Metallic Theft Comeback.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    So i had a 06 MM RSX with barely 80k on it & it got stolen, bought a VBP 02 Type S Shell to take what i needed, then parted the rest. & Now its time for a rebuild of my baby. Didn't think of taking pics along the way of the build up but the car now has new SS Brakelines since they cut mine, new...
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    Exterior & Interior RSX
  6. K24 issues *FIXED*

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    UPDATE *New IACV fixed idle issue, upgraded grounds fixed CEL flicker* At least once a day my car will stall out on its own, 75% of the time i experience bouncing revs when coming to a stop (eg: drops all the way to 500rpms, goes to 800 then repeats this cycle 2x before settling at 900 rpms)...
  7. Update on gas smell

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I made a post a couple months back, asking if anyone knew why my car smelled like gas. So after a couple months of being lazy I finally took a look and found that the top of the fuel pump housing had a crack, and gas would leak out of there. Anyone else had this problem?
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    Part Outs RSX
  9. 3 year update!

    Member Show-Off EP3 Have to laugh at my first post. Definitely haven't kept up with updates. The car will have 200k on the clock in a matter of a few days, so I figured it's time for a small tribute. As I said in my first post I got the car summer of...
  10. DvoRsx's PWP DC5 **03/05/17 Update: Wash/Polish/Wax**

    Member Show-Off RSX
    :wavey: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey my names Danny. I've been lurking on ClubRSX for about a year before purchasing an RSX. I remember browsing always through the Show-Off section admiring all the awesome...
  11. ASM 06 Type-s | Track update | Two Track Events : 4-2-2017 Page 4

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Most recent photo Progress Starts Below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got the car for my birthday ( 16th ) Dad bought the car and I've been paying for everything else since...
  12. Update Pg.5...on my way to a new build K20/K24 build ...05-Integra-Type-S SSM Showoff

    Member Show-Off RSX
    hi been a while...i use own a 04 rsx type s a while back then and sold it... anyways after a couple yrs i got another rsx which is a 05 rsx type s...had the car for a yrs now and decided to make another showoff thread...Enjoy... Old showoff thread...
  13. Jnabdc509's ARC DC5 Build Thread #2; Update page 8; 4/26/2016

    Member Show-Off RSX
    **Car Video Link** Link to first show-off thread: **Progression of My RSX since Day 1** Bought my 02 RSX Type-S in November of 2009 from a fellow member and my good friend 02 i-vtec...
  14. Recently bought a RSX. 1 YEAR PROGRESS UPDATE!

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey there, So I recently just purchased an 02 Acura RSX Type-S. Here's what the previous owner did with it: -Function and Form Type 2 Coilovers -Buddyclub roll center adjuster lower ball joint -Skunk2 alpha series race header -Skunk2 megapower RR 3" catback exhaust, -front leather seats from...
  15. *UPDATE 3/26/2017* !!!! RajSX_TypeS Build Thread Work In Progress

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Recent pics as of 2017 after all the upgrades and so it began in 2015:lift: Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers Ingalls rear camber kit 25mm spacer Front coils with radial bearings stock height Out with the Old In with the New
  16. Almost there 8/9/2015!!

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking to buy the following for 05/06: Rear+Front JDM type s badge(purchased) Rear type r tail lights with trade for my stock plus cash Tien hood dampers Vlip (purchased) Side markers (long shot) PURCHASED Any aspec parts of the lip kit( Front and rear lip purchased) Type r pedals and...
  17. WTB few parts UPDATE

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking to buy the following: Hood Bra Tien hood dampers Mini decklid aspec sideskirts "Type S" emblem Aspec front 05-06
  18. mugen brake light holder (crv light) finished product update 1/27

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Fabricated a brake light holder for the crv light that goes behind the Mugen rear lip. So far I got the holder and I'm working on keeping the light mounted in the holder. I saw somewhere someone did something similar with fiberglass but that's messy and annoying and itchy, Stay tuned for...
  19. Corsario18 SSM 04 RSX-S Brembos/Updated!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Updates! I am back lol. Because photobucket ruined the thread I'll try to bring it back to life. :fyea: My journey: Type S 04 bought the car with only one purpose work and school. But, my plans changed a bit!! And here is my pride and joy, and more to come. Simple enough in my humble opinion...
  20. Look at latest post (update November 2015)

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello to all, you may remember me by my famous stubborn thread - Poor Acceleration First of all, I want to apologize for such inappropriate comments or behavior to all of you last two years..and I remembered all of you have advised me to do compression & wet test.. So...symptoms for this...