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  1. Cell Phones
    Have for sale an old razor v3m. Works fine, was just upgraded from awhile back. Has been sitting for awhile collecting dust. Comes with just the phone and wall charger. $28 shipped. Paypal only.
  2. Cell Phones
    Motorola V3m for Verzion. *Great Condition, Works just like NEW! Comes with Phone, OEM Battery, and Charger I'll accept paypal or Money Order $35 Shipped ! $30 Picked-up
  3. Everything Else
    I have for sale a Motorola Razr V3m phone in red. the service is for U.S Cellular. It has one scratch on the bottom and some paint chip. Other than that the phone still works great. No scratch on the screen at all. I do not have the charger for the phone but you can buy a new one for $6-$14.00...
1-3 of 3 Results