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  1. Lighting RSX
    Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle's headlights? Confused about the differences between LED headlight kits and HID kits? What's brighter, what's better, what should you get?? In short, HID kits are going to be brighter, but the XenonDepot LED Headlight Kits are a very effective upgrade -...
  2. General Discussion EP3
    I passed the poll on to K20A2 and by popular demand, he's going to be working on them! I'll keep you all posted :thumbsup:
  3. Supercharging RSX
    Here are the dynos from the past two weeks: The above shows what removing the 2.5" carsound cat and re-evaluating cam angles up top did when at 9psi with alcohol injection. Note that there was about a 22whp gain at around 7150 rpm and around 12whp average gain everywhere after 6k -- and this...
  4. All Motor RSX
    Yes, you'll need to "trim" the back of the intake manifold so it doesn't rest against the radiator support. Yes, you'll need an adapter from Speedwerx ( for info) that runs about $100 But... the IM is ONLY $161 over at (this is an OEM dealer parts website, similar...
  5. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    i've got a friend w/ a new SI (k20a3 right? same as the base rsx?) who is thinking of getting a zex kit (used/cheap from a mutual friend) - is the verdict that it 100% won't work, or is there said fabled adaptor etc??
1-5 of 6 Results