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  1. JDM Only RSX
    I got this Concave view mirror yesterday from a local Honda JDM tuning shop. I do have a question regarding installation, Do I need to remove the OE mirror and install this? or Just put it on w/out removing the OE existing mirror?
  2. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    previous owner painted mirrors black. i would paint it back to silver. But i would rather have a extra set.
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Looking to buy a Jade Green heated mirror for the passenger side, 05 Type S.
  4. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I got this Rear View camera as a gift a few months ago. It is brand new and still in packaging. I only opened the box to show the contents. It is a very simple installation and yields great quality video. Works with almost all navigation systems. Priced to sell! 80 shipped OBO
  5. Turbo RSX
    Anyone else running one of these? I just ordered mine in amber: Looks to be a very clean option to monitor IAC, boost, AFR...ect. I will have one of my freinds do some cutting/fiberglass work to install it similar to this:
  6. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Wth aspec,type r,or mugen sideskirts for a 02-04 rsx authentic only. Also a hood bra, and broadway rear view mirror.
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Wanted to know if anyone has or knows where I could get a cheap rear view mirror for my car. 03 type s. Mines cracked and I need a new one:rain: If you do, Let me know price..and if you have pics that would be even better:thumbsup:
  8. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
  9. Southern Cali
    There is a pretty good meet every Wednesday night at the in n out parking lot. The adress is 7926 valley view street, buena park. Last Wednesday there was about 50-80 cars, I left about 10pm but it was good, people still rollin up and not a lot of stupid stuff like burning out and stuff. Show...
  10. Exterior & Interior RSX
    like the title said, if you happen to be selling yours, please let me know. thanks
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    bastard hit my side mirror off and now i need one. I need only the passenger side. Text me if you have with price and shipping. 267-992-9402
  12. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    My friend has an EP3 with the rear window garnish that has the tweeter built in. Our RSXs do not have this, its just flat. I'm looking to install a component system. I have tan interior and I'd like to leave the stock tweeters in place just to maintain cleanliness to the car. My question is...
  13. Exterior & Interior RSX
    I need 05-06 side view mirrors. Im looking to pay around $150. Let me know Thanks. Any color is fine. I just had my car repainted so Ill repaint them as well.
  14. Wheels & Tires
    ok, got my F&F 2 and RPF1 installed Need alignment by tomorrow Sunday! this is only a quick preview of what my car is as of now, 11/05/2011 Full detail coming soon! pictures not to great, late evening so could not get good focus from my digital camera.
  15. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi guys, i had both my side view mirrors kicked off last night.. They are still hanging from the wires, but the electronic adjusting system still works luckily.. I basically need to find new brackets (the black piece) to put them back up.. any info on where to buy or how to go about this? thx
  16. North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Never mind it the screw on top of the mirror when u take it off. That was loose
  18. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Hi All, I have a fully functional passenger side view mirror for sale. I have included pics of it below. Cons: a tad dirty (give a clean and it'll loook good!) cracked as shown in pics below $35 Located in LA (near UCLA) Thanks for looking!
  19. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Need a Side View Mirror as mine got knocked off. Please let me know if anyone has one.
41-60 of 172 Results