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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys. I ordered red outs for my 02 ssm turn signals, and was wondering if its reasonable / would look good to very SLIGHTLY tint the tail lights. So putting the vinyl over the turn signals, and then applying the tint over the entire light...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so today I wrapped the top of my car gloss black.. about a hour later it started raining while I was at work.[emoji20]it rained for 8 straight hours and it's still sort of raining! My question is did my vinyl get ruined??? The guy who did it told me not to wash the car for about a week.. and...
  3. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hi so my front lip has a pretty bad scrape through the clear coat and paint. I am trying to change the color of the car i just dont know if i should apply plastidip or vinyl to the damaged plastic lip. Thank you guys for your help. Ill post pics of the damage.
  4. Exterior Mods EP3
    Anyone know how much I will need? I get it back from the body shop soon and will ne wraping it when it warms up a little bit. I am not sure how much to order, I know I will want extra but I dont wantto pay for too much that will not get used. Any ideas? Has anyone on here wrapped an ep3
  5. Car Care EP3
    The vinyl top to my Ram Box lids is fading and oxidizing. Any suggestions on how to restore?
  6. Exterior Mods RSX
    My RSX is currently silver and was thinking about wrapping it matte white. I was wondering if there would be any issues legally with that; whether it is with police, insurance or DMV.
  7. Interior Mods RSX
    Hey guys I've been looking into doing some vinyl wrap carbon fiber on interior and on the piece between the front and rear windows on the exterior just to clean some things up. It seems that theres a million and a half companies doing this shit nowadays so i was hoping you guys that have used it...
  8. Member Show-Off RSX
    This is my turd. Had it for about a year and a half. Exterior/Lighting: 05-06 Front end 05-06 Rear Mugen Lip Top 1 Winglets ITR Wing ITR Emblems Morimoto 6.0 Mini H1 projectors G37 Shrouds Flat black housings Retro-Solutions NightVision 6K HID kit Yellow Fog light kit 18x9.5 +10 Cosmis...
  9. Exterior Mods RSX
    thinking about getting my car wrapped. i really like the matte colors. was thinking of maybe a matte white, with the carbon hood and black rims. it would look nice but what colors do you guys think would look sick wrapped.
  10. The DIY Garage RSX
    I'm going to put a vinyl on my roof and want to know if anyone's done it before. I know all the basics of putting a vinyl on, but I'd like to know how to work around the sunroof. Since it goes up rather than slide back inside, it won't be as easy as just cutting a hole and heating it a bit to...
  11. Wheels & Tires
    About 8 years ago or so, I bought some vinyl decals off of ebay that fit perfectly inside of the OEM 02-04 RSX centercap (the part that is recessed and black). I looked on ebay and couldn't find them, but I was wondering if anyone knew who made them or if anyone still does? Yes, I could paint...
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So i got an 05 RSX Type-S and thinking about having it vinyl wrapped. What im trying to find out is what is the total sq ft. of vinyl it will need and if it will be cheaper than having it painted.
  13. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    wtb vinyl h over lay for rsx airbag
  14. Exterior Mods RSX
    Has anyone done a black Vinyl Top on their RSX? Is there already a thread on this? I have a '06 Magnesium Metallic RSX and wanted to know if a black vinyl top would look good on it, but wanted to see pictures of anyone who has done it before. Specifically MM colorway! I think it would look...
  15. Exterior Mods RSX
    Thinking of getting my hood/part of spoiler vinyl. Friend mentioned plasti dip to me has anyone used this? Thanks
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    Yea I searched and all that good stuff:deadhorse:stfu:. So....I just ordered some pre-cut red outs off of eBay without question. How do most of you guys do yours? Cutting to fit your self, or using pre-cuts. I'm a little worried about them not fitting perfectly. Any good experiences with the...
  17. Exterior Mods RSX
    So what's the deal with this stuff around here. Used it to wrap dash trim on a E46 BMW i had and it looked great. I kinda want to wrap my hood in the flat black carbon fiber vinyl, going for the white/black look at the moment. Sooo..rice or nice?:thumbsup::thumbsdow:love::laughat:
1-17 of 256 Results