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  1. Canada East
    Hey guys i have been on here awhile and im making a business trip up to the pickering, canada area for a week. june 1st - june 7th. i was wondering if there were any local meets or what i should do in my off time. thanks, Jacob Fruge' Brada Wheels
  2. Auto Talk
    I posted this in the Canada East forum and I just realized there is no reason why I shouldn't share this with the rest of ClubRSX because obviously the majority of the population here don't go clicking on the canadian sections lol Im gonna start with my visit to Tsukuba Circuit since I didnt...
  3. Canada East
    Waited a long time and I finally got a chance to visit Spoon Sports as well as their Type One shop. They are very tourist friendly when I asked if I can take a look around. They even told me I can take pictures as soon as I asked if I can walk around. There are two buildings and they are both...
  4. Dealer Experience ILX
    Got a letter in the mail from Ferman Acura offering $10 to come get my car appraised and test drive one of their vehicles. Here was my dealer experience. Salesperson: So what kind of car are you looking for? Me: Something with a manual transmission. SP: The TL and TSX come in manual. Me: You...
  5. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    14.01 @ 99.9mph 2.1 60ft 14.01 @ 99mph 2.2 60ft 14.07 @ 99mph 2.2 60ft
  6. Florida
    i'm coming down from Boston to visit Orlando and all my friends that i haven't seen in awhile..i luv it there..and this will be my deciding factor if i'll be moving back there or not...anyone who wants to chill, hit me up...I may need a place to crash over too..but we'll see... steve
  7. Southern Cali
    So, im going to go to Disneyland with the GF in mid July... My plans include going to downtown LA and Chinatown, disney concert hall, the Garden Grove shopping center, disneyland, LA Zoo and maybe Newport beach. Can you guys recommend any places to eat around Disneyland and beaches (excluding...
  8. Member Show-Off RSX
    Yeah they exist. I went to Japan to visit my relatives after not seeing them for over 8 years. I thought i lost these pictures when my camera was wiped out, but I managed to recover them. Here's a few pics I shot while i was there. This was a CTR i saw in Obama, Japan. The owner painted over...
  9. Northern Cali
    hi guys, i'm pretty new to the bay area, what are some cool places to visit around here? i'm in santa clara/cupertino/sunnyvale area, and so far ive liked the santa clara boardwalk and fishermans wharf in SF. anything else out there thats fun/cool/not too expensive? thanks
1-10 of 30 Results