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  1. Southern Cali
    Going to LA/SD for a week in April. Anyone have any suggestions on things I should check out? Doing the zoo for sure, but wanted to get some suggestions on good restaurants. Want to get some good sushi, pho, really anything (I'm a fat kid). Thanks!
  2. Florida
    hey floridians or whatever the hell your called! (i dunno im canadian):p Me and my buddies are going to be in the Bonita Springs area vacationing in February and i was wondering if some of you could give me the heads up on some sweet things to do in the area. we wont have a car so it has to be...
  3. Mid Atlantic
    Give me suggestions? So far I only got... - Camden Yard Any favorite eats or locations? Thanks in advance.
  4. General RSX Discussion
    Hey all!! So, I'm visiting family for a week in fort collins, Colorado. I was wondering if anyone on here lives around the area, or would know a good place to meet up with peeps? and obviously some hot girlies!! :D Thanks for the input!!
  5. West
    Hey fellow CRSX, I am heading down to Vegas and wondering if there are any reputable shops for parts. :pray:
  6. Florida
    sup guys, i'm a pretty active member from dc metro anyways i'm flying down to ft lauderdale for 6 days, just wondering if any locals have suggestions as far as bars, clubs, beaches, nice places to eat or hang out i'm up for any suggestions! i'll have a rental so getting around won't be an...
  7. West
    hey guys so I was planning to come down to the oregon coast from vancouver, BC for a couple days but I was just wondering which would be the best place to stay which is close to the coast and also close to shopping/tourist attractions. and are there any restaurants that HAVE to be tried when in...
  8. North East
    Ok boys & girls, we are planning our yearly vacation & were considering Boston as a destination. We love to explore new cities. What is there to do in Boston? Any really good musuems? Restaurant? Must See's? I've read about the Freedom Trail & a couple of other things. I'm just wondering if...
  9. Mid Atlantic
    I'll be in newport news, va for a couple weeks and I was wondering what you guys suggest I go see or do. I've been to D.C. and Busch Gardens before. Just wanted to get some ideas from the locals around here. I have my wife and daughter with me, so nothing too wild and crazy..:shady:. Oh yea, I'm...
  10. Northern Cali
    Hey all I'm from the opposite coast so I've never posted in here before :o however, I'm visiting Vallejo to see my grandmother in early August. I've been there before but I've never really had the chance to go out and take in the sights. I've been to Fishermans Wharf and the Golden Gate bridge...
  11. Northern Cali
    Sup fellas. imma be spending Memorial weekend 20th-25th down in Oakland and LA area. Will be headin down with a homie and a few homegirls! Just looking for advice on cool places to kick it,...Clubs and Bars to hitup, haven't been back down since 04! Just lookin for ideas...Thanks in advance !
  12. Mid West
    My brother is graduating from North Central University this friday so imma be there from tomorrow afternoon till tuesday morning when my flight leaves back to socal :thumbsup: I just wanted to see if any crsx members knew of any worth while places to visit:pray: .....other than the typical...
  13. The Great State of Georgia
    Well, I'm a Torontonian visiting Atlanta for a couple of days and asking what sort of things there are to do, including nightlife (bars preferably), shopping and some kick ass BBQ digs. My main objective is the Georgia Aquarium, and my hotel is apparently in that part of town. So any...
1-13 of 25 Results