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  1. Turbo RSX
    vortech make really good kits for the 2000 SI.
  2. Turbo RSX
    Like I said in the title, Vortech has 2 supercharger kits for the 1999-2000 civic SI. The most powerful (intercooled) increases horsepower to 277 and torque to 175 ft/lbs (adds 117 horsepower and 64 ft/lbs of torque). I hope they make one for the RSX ...
  3. Turbo RSX
    Just emailed to [email protected]: Subject: Supercharger for Acura RSX T ype S? Message: When will you have Supercharger System for Acura RSX Type S? -I will let you know what they tell me. ALSO ANYBODY KNOW ANY SUPERCHARGER available for RSX?