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  1. No wait let me try again - Another orange take 2

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Well I am completely new to this whole thing so bare with me while I learn how to forum. I got my RSX type S back in 2011, and when I got it, it looked a little bit like: So, obviously not in the best shape in the world. BUT after some serious frustrations and continuous people hitting the...
  2. 03 RSX base model...just got this sexy thing. Cant wait to start mods.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Just bought this beauty 7/25/14 141k...3800. 5-speed. My first rsx..I'm so excited to be apart of CRSX team and learn all I can to be able to start moding this babe out.... I'm thinking about a teal theme Black rims...teal caliaers... Been doing a lot of research on aftermarket parts...if maybe...
  3. should i get a tune asap or wait?

    General Discussion EP3
    Alright so when i went on my last deployment i left my car at a shop to get body work and paint done... apcalypse racing in temecula, CA. Horrible shop -.- body work and paint was alright. But they installed a AEM ems V2 ecu on my car. Didnt supply me with anything to tune it. No plugs or...
  4. CEN FLA *Chat* Cuarto amigos and a chat... Wait... What?!?

    :coffee: Who Posted? User Name Posts nats007 486 Davo307 480 Inlimbo87 292 407Rayzn 279 slows 60 josolanes 40 DJGypsy 32 b.r.i.a.n. 30 Spoonerism 19 ktownRSX 16 Grey Fox 11 Lil_wildindian 11 DeadmansEP3 9 coltzxli 8 nuno 7 SasuRingu 7 redline41190 6 mitcho 6 AFinRoo 6 RogueDC5 6 hcosteveo 6...
  5. The real Socom 3! H-Hour: World's Elite; Big updates. Can not wait to Green Up!

    Video Games This is the kickstarter for H-Hour, this is being directed by the guy who made Socom 1 & 2, and of course we saw the changes go way down hill after he left. Well, he is back and working on his very own project that he...
  6. The OHIO *CHAT* - xbox > PS3, wait... no PS3 > xbox... eh fuck it, titties > both

    Mid West
    The OHIO *CHAT* - xbox > PS3, wait... no PS3 > xbox... eh fuck it, titties > both Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,857 User Name Posts ODellRsx 295 rileyra 239 CarlosSpicyWeiner 196 FurY 184 Koreo 146 JR1de57 136 naptown 126 Kingdom 88 dagurasu 73 yoon 48 theporschephile 44 TheRickster...
  7. Ipad mini or wait?

    Computer Tech
    Since they refreshed the ipad 3 so fast, and the performance of the ipad 4 is almost 3x better... should I just wait for the mini refresh? I dont own any ipads, always wanted one and this one seems to fit my style more. Korean I don't know.
  8. Wait To Wax Fresh Paint?

    Car Care RSX
    I got the front bumper/lip, hood, hatch, and a piece of my rear bumper painted. Just got the car back earlier this afternoon. Is it necessary to hold off on washing/claying/waxing fresh paint? I've heard of waiting for the paint to cure and what not, but the shop buffed all the new paint before...
  9. K24a1/k20a2 frank Wait!!!!! K24a1/tsx head hmmmmm

    Hybrid & Swaps EP3
    So i just purchased a K24a1 block and intend on buying a bare K20a2 head that i will mate to my current k20a3 transmission. I have been looking for this swap and i have found a lot of different equipment needed for the swap, so im trying to figure out exactly what is need to complete the swap...
  10. Can't wait for this shit LOL Lollipop Chainsaw

    Video Games
    :rotfl: Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer for it
  11. Just wait for it....

    Videos EP3
  12. Wait on my Progress Coils and SPC kit!!

    General RSX Discussion
    Counting the days until the shipment comes in and it gets shipped out. Hopefully they'll be in within the week of shipping it. This is now a Progress Coilovers + SPC camber kit thread! Waiting for/ discussion if you already own them! :)
  13. JAX **Chat** Wait .... WHAT?! It took us 9 months to fill a chat? ....

    ... it used to take us a couple of days! Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,856 User Name Posts Warble 336 dc5rsx-s 282 ChinoDC5 213 Evil_X 194 JUANonJUAN 166 Sephitrask 125 adamBOM 115 harpersx 113 Ms_K24Z3 94 filipinoguy05 48 DC5Chick06 30 spoonyfreshh 29 Integra44 29 PIITB 15 Honda Maniac 12...
  14. Minnesota **Chat** - Wolves will win superbowl in 2012.. wait what?

    Mid West
    new shit up lets do this
  15. D.C. Metro *Chat* I like 1 finger in the front and 1 in the back... wait wut?

    DC Metro
    -caitie :rotfl: too funny. kinky ass girl
  16. Buick Regal GS................................................ .....wait what?

    Auto Talk
    searched, didn't find anything on this car yet. not really intersted in buying one, but i'm supprised to see buick making a car like this. cliffs: -turbo inline 4 -all wheel drive -rear limited-slip diff -brembo brakes -20" wheels, performance tires links: press release homepage
  17. Tampa **CHAT** Snails, blowers, and all motor.....and no more bases. Wait wat?

    Last thread: Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,875 User Name Posts josolanes 809 ChinoDC5 739 813Rsx 152 chelle 55 1weakdc5 32 _basser_ 29 sephyanarp 19 TampaTim 15 Dstn8r 5 emastersrrp 4 DC5 Just_Blaze 3 Evil_X 3 Master Mind 3...
  18. went to the dyno. not what i was expecting....but wait..

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    car: 05 rsx-s w/ injen cai max power run when i first saw the numbers i was dumbfounded. then the tech explained to me the dyno was an older model and hadnt been calibrated in a while and was off by almost 30hp in most cases. the first three runs had a bad rpm reading between 6-8k so he re...
  19. Alignment right away? Or wait until suspension settles?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey guys, I installed my Mugen SS today and now my steering wheel has to be turned quite a bit to the left to keep the car straight. My question is, because my Mugen SS are brand new and haven't settled yet, should I wait for them to settle BEFORE going to get an alignment? Or should I just get...