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  1. Underbody Car Wash?

    General RSX Discussion
    Is it a good idea to get an underbody carwash to fight all the salt this winter? Or would it do more harm than good?
  2. The end of the RSX-S, beginning of the G

    Member Show-Off RSX
    UPDATE PAGE 2: Side Markers and a Quick Wash UPDATE PAGE 2 POST # 45: Creepy Parking Garage Shots UPDATE PAGE 2 POST # 48: Photoshoot with my cousin's 328is UPDATE PAGE 3 POST # 58: What I got in the mail UPDATE PAGE 3 POST # 60: 3 Shots with the E36 UPDATE PAGE 4 POST # 77: S-Techs Installed...
  3. how long shud i wait to wash n polish

    Car Care RSX
    Hey everyone...been on the site for about a month now...I had my rsx for about 2 years and never really did anything with it until recently...I got a fresh paint job done a few weeks ago(vbp) and the place told me to wait 6 weeks to wash it n polish it...its going on the forth week and I don't...
  4. pre-ccm meet/car wash

    pre-ccm meet/car wash who is in it is at the intersection of buckingham rd. and shiloh rd. it is a nice car wash and i was seeing if people would like to do a meet before the ccm meet and was the cars there! please let me know as it will be soon! pm me or post a reply thanx! getting there at...
  5. Whats the best way to wash car while your in the military...

    Car Care RSX
    Whats up guys, wondering whats the best way to wash my car when you are in the military living in barracks. Only way i wash my car is take it to one of the pressure washer where you put quarters in. I dont use the brush/broom to wash the car, i always bring a wash mit, california squeegee, and...
  6. Car Show at The Car Wash!! 6/12/09 Colorado Springs

    He Guys, Every friday there has been a sick car show at the car wash off of Garden Of The Gods West of I-25 called the HUB CAR WASH. This friday live music will be played and food. Last week I was there, there was 50+ cars. Who all wants to meet up this friday? Here is the address for this...
  7. Side mirrors + wash = water drippage!

    Car Care RSX
    Does anyone else have this pesky problem? After I wash my car and dry it there is always water dripping from the bottom black part of the side mirror that is on the door. Like water gets trapped in there from a wash and slowly drips out down the drivers side door. It's pretty annoying after you...
  8. Spring came early! Hot day after car wash.

    Member Show-Off RSX
    1. Bird shit on my hood and bumper. 2. Wash wash wash! 3. This is what I see everyday... 4. Finished! Show off time! 5. 6. Evooo!!! 7. 8. 9. TomTom 10. 11. My lil diy red stitch with the privicy lid. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  9. Petro Canada Superworks Wash and A-Spec High Wing!?

    Canada East
    Hey guys, I don't know how many of you use the Petro Canada car wash, or any CLOTH/TOUCH wash, but are you ever scared of it ripping off your high wing??? Cause I'm straight up paranoid! I'm always staring in my rear view until my car passes that huge overhead arm at the beginning that goes over...
  10. Car Wash Detail shop cracked my front lip spoiler!!!

    Canada East
    The hit and put a hole in the OEM front lip spoiler package from Acura. I have a PWP 2003 type s. They ran it through a new car wash bay and it was too low and hit the metal bar at the entrance to the shop as there is a downward dip into the shop. Can this be repaired? The dealer doesnt...
  11. How many of you got a Car Wash today?

    Canada East
    with the decent temperatures many grabbed the chance to get a wash? I waited in line for a half hour for a touchless lmao
  12. Car wash random photoshoot

    Member Show-Off RSX
    So some friends and i went to the car wash to do our normal magnet free wash and my friend decided to take some pics, mine is the JGM 05 enjoy :thumbsup:
  13. a good place for self service car wash??

    Canada East
    hey guys just wondering where do you guys go for washes during winter? my car is covered in shit right now :ugh: any good locations in scarboro/ markham?
  14. wash n wax

    The Great State of Georgia
    really need to find a good place to wash and wax my car... anyone need some free work done on their dc5 in exchange for some room to detail?
  15. Good Car Wash Habits

    Car Care RSX
    I was washing my car the other day and realized I was all over the place. I wet places I had dried and other little things. What are some good tips and habits to pick up when washing, washing, etc?
  16. WTB AEM wash bottle relocater

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Need the wash bottle for AEM CAI... PLEASE EMAIL ME @ [email protected]
  17. Just did a fresh wash

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I washed my car the other day, snapped some pics when i was done. lemme kno what yall think For all u people who dont read before viewing lol: Dont mind the rear suspension, my rear coilovers got blown, just have not put the new ones back on so im riding wit coilovers in the front and stock...
  18. How Long Does It Take You To Wash Your Ride?

    Car Care RSX
    So a friend of mine says i take a ridiculously long time to wash my car, and i sort of agree with him. he said he spends about 40 min washing his car on average. I spend about 2-3 hrs on just washing, drying and sometimes tireshine and spray wax. If i wax it could take up to 8hrs. (where at...
  19. how to wash your car in a minute

  20. How long did u wait to wash car?

    Car Care RSX
    jus got mugen bumper installed and painted 2 days ago and searched online and stuff but confused about how long to wait to wash the car...cuz i need the to detail the rest of the car... thanks for ur help