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  1. Zymol (cleaner+wax in lightblue bottle) safe to use on new RSX?

    Car Care RSX
    and will it get out water spots?
  2. Easy way to get rid of wax on black plastic

    Car Care RSX
    This works great- I accidently got some wax on the black plastic under the windshield. If you use a pink eraser, it comes right off. You can't even tell that the wax residue was once there. I read somewhere that a white eraser is what is reccomended, but the pink seems to work just as well. Just...
  3. polish vs wax?

    Car Care RSX
    I've heard a lot of people praising the Zaino polishes and their other products. How is this different from wax? Do multiple coats of polish provide the same protection as waxes, or should you combine the two (Wax + polishes)? Please help guide a lost soul...
  4. how long should car wax last?

    Car Care RSX
    under normal conditions
  5. Wax New Car?

    Car Care RSX
    Im wondering on weather I should wax my type-s or not..Anyone out their going to wax their new rsx, and if so what brand are you going to use? I dont think I need to do a 3 phase system just because their are no swirls or scratches to remove, I will probably go right to the carnuba using...