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  1. wash n wax

    The Great State of Georgia
    really need to find a good place to wash and wax my car... anyone need some free work done on their dc5 in exchange for some room to detail?
  2. How often do you wax?

    Car Care RSX
    Like the title, how often do you wax your RSX and what do you use?
  3. Too cold to wax?

    Car Care RSX
    When is it too cold to wax? I noticed that applying and removing wax in 75 degree weather was no prob...tried doing it on a 58 degree day and the wax would never really "set" felt wet all the time...what's the cut off point? Is wax not effective in the cold?
  4. Turtle Wax " 1 step wash and wax"

    Car Care RSX
    I used this and it left my car looking great! better than other similar products of tried i.e. meguires quik wax and eagle one nanowax spay. Just sayin'.
  5. Speed3 Gets Her First Coat Of Wax..

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Had some spare time today so decided to throw on some nxt 2.0, tint coming on next week =)
  6. VBP + Natty's Blue Paste Wax = Sex

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Used my day off on the 4th of July to clean my baby. Products Used: 1.) Clay Bar 2.) Zymol Cleaner Wax (polish) 3.) Poorboy's Natty's Blue Paste Wax 4.) Invisiglass glass cleaner 5.) Meguires Ultimate Shine tire shine I was planning on just throwing the Natty's Blue on there, but I had to...
  7. Applying wax with a polisher: OK method?

    Car Care RSX
    Basically what the titles says. I have a UDM and I've used it to spread wax on the car with a 6'' gray pad once before on the lowest RPM setting. It spreads the wax much more evenly than I can with an applicator pad of course, but do I risk doing more harm than good though? (i.e. contribute...
  8. removing old wax?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    well it appears I either put too much wax on...or night especially I can tell that a bit of wax still remains on part of the car and buffing with a microfiber towel won't get it off. ideas?
  9. Got my hands on some Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #16 Wax :D

    Car Care RSX
    Im super excited. has been out for ages. But i found another source. :weeeeeeeeee::weeeeeeeeee: Anyone have any feedback on the consistency, durability, and overall shine of this stuff? Why was it discontinued if it is so sought after? Thanks guys!
  10. Klasse all in one wax left some circles?

    Car Care RSX
    Used Klasse all over the car after giving it a good wash with meguiars gold class... on one side of the car it appears some class is still its a haze... i used my hands to apply and remove the klasse. ideas on how to remove these hazy areas? klasse is kind of hardcore...maybe...
  11. Paul Dalton's New Wax Crystal Rock Swissvax

    Car Care RSX
    Hotness. man if had some cash laying around. Or I started detailing for money. $1100 for the black pot and something like 20k for the fancy pot
  12. How soon can I wax my car ater getting it repainted?

    Car Care RSX
    Got my car from the bodyshop last week from it being in an accident. Had to replace the rear bumper, driver's side rear quarter panel and the driver's side rear tailight. They told me to wait for about 90 days before applying any wax so that the solvents in the paint and rise up to the top. Is...
  13. Rain after Wax

    Car Care RSX
    I've done a whole detailing job about 2 weeks ago (wash, claybar, wax, etc.). Unfortunately it rained a few times already. What should I do to maintain the shine which gets ruined by water-spots after the rain? Any quick detailing product anyone recommends that won't harm the wax job?
  14. new mothers wax

    Car Care RSX
    Has anyone tried their new line of wax and polish? ANy opinions?
  15. Wax with color? anyone tried it?

    Canada East
    i saw it from the Canada West forum anyone tried it b4?
  16. Turtle wax BLUE

    Canada West
    does anyone know where I can get this? I've used it before and it was great.. removed some light scratches.. but I can't find it anywhere Canadian Tire only sell black and red
  17. 1st time wax!

    Car Care RSX
    I am believe it or not gonna wax my car for the first time, I usally pay to get it done, but i rather do it my self since i love my car and cant let anyone touch the 06 pwp paint other than myself. I am a noob I know but what is the best way to wax so i dont fuck it up. I hand wash it once a...
  18. Meguiars Cleaner Wax

    Car Care RSX
    Since I accidently posted this in the JDM section, here it is again... Ok, my car is satin silver and has not been waxed in years (literally). I bought some Meguiars Cleaner Wax. Was this a good choice? I thought since it had been so long that this might be a good choice. I've searched around...
  19. Meguiars Cleaner Wax

    JDM Only RSX
    Ok, my car is satin silver and has not been waxed in years (literally). I bought some Meguiars Cleaner Wax. Was this a good choice? I thought since it had been so long that this might be a good choice. I've searched around and I am thinking I may should have bought the Gold Class Wax. Thoughts...
  20. my first wax job...

    Car Care RSX
    so im gonna wax my car for the first time, but i dont have an orbital, or anything like that to apply the wax, i think having one would make a world of difference in my motivation, and the final product. so whats a good, average priced tool i could use, for this job, and where can i buy it? any...