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  1. Cedar Waxing and Downy Woodpecker

    Cedar Waxwing Male Downy Female Downy
  2. Need a little help with waxing...

    Car Care RSX
    As of late I been wanting to start cleaning my car a bit better. I have been using products that my family had. But now I moved out on my on and gonna get my own cleaning supplies haha. Just wondering what you guys think are best. I'm wanting to get a spray in wax. Never waxed a car ever so I'm...
  3. Waxing

    Car Care RSX
    wat is the best type of wax to use on a NBP....?? brand??
  4. pwp owners/ waxing

    Car Care RSX
    is it easy for you guys to apply wax etc.. to your pwp paint i have a hard time when waxing ause i cant tell tell how much or what areas have been applied with out looking at it from different angels unlike with other color paint where you can clearly see the hazed wax
  5. Waxing. The hood

    Car Care RSX
    Hey i bought my 03 rsx about 3 weeks ago ive waxed it everyweekend, and i still come accross the same problem. when i wax the hood it leave it on tell its near dry, and time to come off. When i go to wax off it really fights with me to take it off, never had this problem with any other cars i...
  6. Waxing with only your hand?

    Car Care RSX
    So today I was cleaning up my dad's car, wash clayed and then went to wax direct, I don't have a buffer yet. Anyways I got some wax on my hand by accident and rubbed it on the car, it went on pretty easy, I was using some Meg's Gold Class Wax. Then I just started melting the wax in the container...
  7. Need some tips on chest waxing

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    Ok so I'm getting pretty cut for a a trip I'm going on in 35 days. I'm going to Vegas for business and California for fun. I'm going to spend a lot of time on the beach. I want to get rid of all this damn chest hair. I was getting massaged by my friend the other day...she mentioned she had a...
  8. waxing headlights?

    Car Care RSX
    I was washing/waxing my car the other day and thought about waxing my headlights/tailights to protect the clearcoat on them but heard its not a good idea to use wax for your paint on your headlights (plastic) so I did not bother. But im wondering if it a good idea too or is there special stuff I...
  9. Waxing, sealents, glazes, i'm so confused

    Car Care RSX
    Ok so i understand that after a polish, you usually glaze, then seal, and then wax? As far as zaino goes... Which are the waxes, sealers, and glazes? z2 z5 z6 zfx i was reading frosty's tutorial and it used z5 z6 and then z2 .... but never mentioned a wax, but z2 says its a polish.
  10. waxing

    Car Care RSX
    i was wondering if yaLL can heLp me out. on Mothers PURE CARNAUBA WAX it recommends 3 steps: 1) Pre-Wax Cleaner 2) Sealer & Glaze 3) Pure Carnauba Wax i was thinking of usings Clay bar on my car for my first detaiL job and i was wondering wouLd it be OK to not applicate a sealer and/or...
  11. WAXING question

    Car Care RSX
    hi all i was wondering if i could apply the NXT tech wax by hand and if i could can i take it off with a microfibre towle? i was asking cuz i ran out of the pads for my buffer and from what i hear some people apply wax by hand so i was just asking THANKS
  12. Weird white MIRROR Glaze after WAXING??

    Car Care RSX
    Hey guys, I had a scratch wet sanded and buffed out. (A PDR guy removed a dent and had to buff out a scratch). After they applied the wax I now see a weird white reflection where it was waxed. It looks like a mirror of glaze refelction deep into the paint that can only be seen at certain...
  13. Waxing temp.??

    Car Care RSX
    Is it still to cold to wax your car if it's 10 or 12 degrees outside??
  14. Cold weather waxing tips?

    Car Care RSX
    Just wondering if anyone had tips for waxing in cold weather. Is it a good idea or should I just wait until it gets warmer? I'd say it's about 50 degrees where I am, maybe lower.
  15. Waxing Info Please

    Car Care RSX
    Does waxing removes your paint colour if u do it too many times? Does it remove the scratches?
  16. Tired of waxing by hand. What to buy?

    Car Care RSX
    I waxed my car for the first time the other day and it looks great but after a few days the wax looked like it was scratches in tiny places. That means i didn't remove it well enough. It just wipes off no scratches but.. I'm so tired of doing it by hand. Please someone link me to a good...
  17. tired of waxing

    Car Care RSX
    im obsessed with keeping my car clean inside and out but now that i started college i just dont have the time to wax my car. is there anything else i can use like some sort of spray-as-you-dry stuff? what about the MR Clean auto dry stuff. does that work good?
  18. How does waxing and claybars and etc work?

    Car Care RSX
    I want to get my old ass, 94 Honda Accord EX VTEC, Champagne Color car, shiny again. How can I get some shine back? How does this claybar thing works? My car has some rust on it with chipped paint(minor) and some stains and stuff. I dont get alot of shine. How can I get my car to shine again...
  19. waxing while hot

    Car Care RSX
    i know that it tells you to always apply wax in a cool area in shade but what happens if you wax while its warm outside? to me it'd make sense for it to be a little warm so the wax applies on the car better.
  20. Waxing at Night in a garage?

    Car Care RSX
    Is this cool? I can't sleep and i'm bored as hell right now lol, I washed the car thorougly today so i feel like waxing the car.