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  1. Wd-40 on fenders and tank?

    Is it safe to apply wd40 to the fenders and tank and leave it on? I would like to use it like a protectant and to shine up the bike.
  2. PB blaster or wd40

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I heard some people continuously sprayed either PB blaster or wd40 to fixed their coilover that has been seized. Is there one that works better than the other? I have never heard of PB blaster before which is why i'm asking
  3. WD-40 on break rotor?!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    a friend of mind was cleaning his 07' SI and he was using WD-40 to clean his rotor on the edge to get rid of the rust, so while he was driving he has a hard time stoping! Any good advice whould help! Thank:)
  4. Wd-40?

    Car Care RSX
    When you guys wash your motor..Do you spray everything down w/ WD-40? I use to, but all my stuff would be covered in dirt after a while..
  5. WD-40

    Car Care RSX
    My stock exhaust is looking like shit on my grand am cause i didn't worry about it...i'm trying to sell it so i'd like to shine them up...I read in Superstreet a while back to use WD-40...anybody ever hear this...i did use it on my rims and they look great and are staying clean longer. But when...