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  1. Southern Cali
    Do any of you guys go out to Willowsprings? A friend and I are interested in taking our cars out on the track for a day just wondering what that would take. We definitely don't want to install a roll cage but do any of you know what it takes to run a few laps on the course?
  2. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hi all, is putting on another event at the streets of willow on Friday, Feb 20th. The cost will be $100 for the whole day. Feel free to send me an email with any questions: [email protected] or check out the site for more details...
  3. Auto X & Road Racing
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that Redline Track Events will be holding an open track day at Willow Springs Raceway on January 10-11, 2004. The cost is $130 for one day, or if you want to run both days, the cost is $230. You can find more information on
  4. Auto X & Road Racing
    The guys over on FerrariChat are talking about Harness bars and 4/5pt seatbelts being a bad idea (and deadly) of you don't have a cage or at least a role bar in your car. I noticed the examples they gave were of a Silver RSX-S at willowsprings that rolled at over 100MPH in Turn 8. PICS...
1-4 of 5 Results