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  1. Wiping Kals

    ECU Tuning RSX
    From my understanding, if I upload a different kal it will over write the current one in the ECU right? or its something I have to do in K manager to wipe the current .kal...
  2. Solutiong for wiping Mac Hard drives

    Computer Tech
    I wanted to see what some of the Mac pros in here would recommend for completely wiping a mac hard drive. Pretend I'm a business that has financial data about customers. I don't want to destroy the drive..but I want to completely wipe it. What would you recommend? If it matters this would be...
  3. Does wiping off dust on car give scratches??

    Car Care RSX
    exaxtly as the title says... i park in a basement and its dust infested. just wondering if you use a microfiber cloth and wipe the dust off.... will it leave swirl marks or scratches of any kind? if it does... how do i take take off the dust without scratching the car? thanks guys! :spin:
  4. Wiping down a Black RSX..

    Car Care RSX
    I've read that once you wash a black rsx, you should use a 100% cotton towel to wipe the car down in order to prevent those swirl/scratch marks from showing up. My question is, what about those rubbery towels (dunno their offical name) that some ppl use instead of the cotton towel.. are they...