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  1. Random Word Freestyle + Backwards Rapping

    TV, Music, & Movies
    Whats up guys, looking for feedback on my freestyle. Thanks
  2. Hellaflush XIII & the Return of Word Up!

    Northern Cali
    Categories: so far are Best Honda, Classic, Nissan, VIP, Hellaflush, Euro, Race/Time Attack and as we gather more entries, we’ll add more categories. Gates open at 12:00p.m. ending around 6:00p.m. more info...
  3. word of advice...

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Just a friendly heads-up... If you have one of those metal shed/carport deals, and you have a Type R wing, don't try to back up under the shed with your hatch raised. I'm going to try to use some Bondo and fiber mat to repair it, but I don't know if I can. The seam just split all the way across...
  4. Rear "ACURA RSX" word emblems

    Exterior & Interior RSX
  5. Not a Man of his word. . . .

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    So I decided to buy some bride seats and ITR Door panels ( ( from Troy Huynh aka: aznsoccerstar11. The deal was agreed upon text messaging back and forth. Deal: 2 Bride Brix II w/rails and His...
  6. Microsoft Word Question

    Computer Tech
    Is there to have it always have it checked to "Don't add space between paragraphs of same style" in the paragraph tab? That shit is annoying as fuck having to do that every time I type something in word. Fucking ruins it imo.
  7. MS Word 2007 Date Insert Help

    Computer Tech
    Can someone who's good at MS Word tell me how you make documents that are dated show the current date automatically every time you load them? For example, I'm trying to get my cover letters to say, Dear Mr. X, I saw your job listing online [today's date]...
  8. Re-Supercharged. Re-problemed (not a real word).

    Supercharging RSX
    It's been a long time since I've posted on here. Just re-installed my supercharger after three years. Install went fine. Started car. Loaded calibration from when the car was last tuned with the supercharger. Here's what happened. -Immediately notice the car sounds like a WRX, which I don't...
  9. Fixed

    Computer Tech
  10. Microsoft Word 07 question..

    Computer Tech
    got er done
  11. ibthis thread will last past january *CHAT*WW*

    Northern Cali
  12. Whats the word on the street - USB 3.0

    Computer Tech
    Did a search, surprisingly I havent seen this posted yet, if it's a repost, well ibtl. So with the advent of eSATA, I originally thought that USB was going to eventually go by the wayside, but I had heard of USB 3.0 a little while back and decided to do some research. What you you think about...
  13. Added a misspelled word in Firefox!

    Computer Tech
    I have 3.52 version. How can I remove it, in previous version there was a persdict.dat file but the new one doesnt. Anyone know? I am using Vista. Nevermind...
  14. *********spread the word**************

    Hey guys...... If you haven't heard the word, then you don't know. And if you don't know, then your not cool! :laughing: When you get the word, Post your name on here so I know! :shady: 1. AP2 2. wafflelaflaffel! 3. aznsoccerstar11 4. PRTizzle 5. Catherine 6. HenHouseSuprise 7. solE1...
  15. The bird is equal to or greater than the word!

    Canada East
    CHECK IT AGAIN! :rotfl:
  16. A word from KD ... CHAT!!! .. college whore thread.

    DC Metro
    Hey whats up guys, just wanted to say hey since ive been busy with college... UGH At the moment I am pretty much on a shit load of adderall **I have ADHD**(probably why I decided to make a thread) and studying for my Motor Learning Exam as well as my Physiological Psychology Exam :( BOTH...
  17. thieves owned :spreading the word:

    Northern Cali just post it up!
  18. trying to get a final word

    General RSX Discussion
    OK so there's a bunch of Qs and As when it comes to the question, which wastes more gas, engine braking or coasting in neutral... Well here are 2 experiments I have done so lets get some real input (possibly from other sources) 1st: On my cuz's rx7 which has a apexi commander which shows...
  19. ***the three word thread***

    The Lounge
    we had one of these over at ephatch and i was thinking why not over here? lol so each post will consist of only three words... :)
  20. Looking for a program to open powerpoints and word files.

    Computer Tech
    Besides Office. Wasnt there a free version that could open all these types of files? Any help is appreciated.