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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey all, just picked up a clean, 1 owner 2004 RSX base auto with 183k on the clock. fun little car. had to put a knock sensor in it account the CEL, hope that does the trick, wiring looks good, no rodent damage that I could find. been reading up on maintenance and upgrades on the forums. I'm a...
  2. Mid West
    Kevink121 603 Ransom 298 jamesl85 297 DC5nv 158 MITeggy17 143 korney 120 sinzdc5 104 Sage0021 68 ashinsky 27 marko16 15 Dad 9 saysana13b 9 itskien 3 ohyeahitskham 1 Fuccboi 1 RSXGUY01 1 Andy. 1
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    Sup guys, my name is Michael from San Jose. I'm driving a 2005 base RSX with very lite mods meant for for comfort and looks. I'm a technician at Mazda and a musician as well. Hopes of becoming a producer in the works. I heard that this community was really cool so decided to give it a try...
  4. General RSX Discussion
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  5. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Caught you guys sleeping :rotfl: I'm barely even in here :p AzianK 446 White_02 287 RecarosCostTooMuch 206 itskien 158 Lauren 136 peterrpham 119 DC5_Trendy 106 Prezes5 90 <---------------------- This guy is cool lol everybody else doesn't matter overlap king 89 Moises's_Rsx 81 fightthisfight 79...
  6. The DIY Garage RSX
    Hi guys, I have a 03 Acura RSX base model and I am trying to figure out how to properly change my transmission fluid filter. Any advice will help and pictures are very helpful. Also what would be the best transmission fluid to change it out to? Thanks in advance!
  7. Mid West
    MN *CHAT* Home of Jimmy 9 Fingers, the World Famous Seabiscuit, and Sin"ister" :run: Kevink121 420 Ransom 313 AzianK 198 sinzdc5 187 MITeggy17 178 Sage0021 159 jamesl85 141 korney 108 itskien 72 dc2kid 53 mikehelker 10 KrazyKarl 8 yang4lyfe 6 Agent Smith 4 EDU 3...
  8. New Member Introduction RSX
    2005 Acura RSX Type S New to RSX but vet to Hondas and acuras Name is Michael I work for time warner cable in Austin tx I live in Killeen tx FT hood and hoping there's others here in the area where I can meet up and talk and have a good time!! New to the area!! I've been on Hondas since I was...
  9. Member Show-Off EP3
    Well, I tried posting before but I guess I have to wait till it gets approved. I just want to show off my 2004 Civic Type-R and my plans for her over here in the UK. Pics will come soon...:D
  10. North East
    What's up guys? Anyone going to world cup finals this weekend?:vtec::vtec::vtec: iThinkImJoey is going to run his monster base rsx:rotfl::rotfl:
  11. Florida
    Anyone going to the world cup finals this weekend?:vtec::vtec::vtec:
  12. Auto Talk
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  13. New Member Introduction RSX
    What's shakin' everyone? I'm Adrian, and I'm hoping to start learning a lot about my car and the sub-culture based around it! I've always been into cars, but I've never been INTO cars, you know what I mean? Gotta start somewhere! I'll upload some pictures of my car (mostly before and after...
  14. General Discussion EP3
    Your collection of HotWheels and die-cast cars has nothing, and we mean nothing, on Billy Karam's toy car collection. Comprised of over 30,0000 model cars, it's the largest such collection in the world an even boasts a Guinness Book of World Records certificate to prove it. Watch this Video...
  15. Problems & Solutions RSX
    06 RSX Type S: 06 RSX Type S 6spd Transmission -k20/k24 -RBC nothing more on it yet. keep in mind I'm new to all this just learning. got on here to get some pointers/help! keep in mind that only put like 50miles on this engine. only been driving it back and forth to different garages close...
  16. Member Show-Off RSX
    Welcome! After a pretty long time of being on ClubRSX and 3 RSX's I have finally decided to make a showoff/build thread! Chapter 1: The First RSX I first got into cars when I was younger. A lot of it had to do with The Fast and the Furious coming out. My sister was into cars and after seeing...
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I put my rsx-s up on the lift today like I have many times before but I just noticed this now. What in the heck is above the drain plug???? I only noticed it because its leaking from that particular plug. It looks like a tapped oil pan for an oil line setup for a turbo?????
  18. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    18th annual Haltech World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic Maryland International Raceway November 1-3, 2013 ADMISSION Adult (1-Day Pass).............. $20 Adult (2-Day Pass).............. $35 Adult (3-Day Pass).............. $50 Kids 6-11 (Per Day)...
  19. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hi, ppl as some of you guys know i sold my rsx-s but i really missed it but didnt want to buy another rsx so guess wat i bought my old rsx-s back. So time to start modding again and this time, i m keeping it for a little while and have some great plans for it :shady: The previous owner who i...
  20. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hi, I just got some metallic brakes from World Brake Resources and am wondering if anyone has any experience with these? I am totally new to doing stuff on my car so any advice would be appreciated. here is the link: