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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    OK, im on my 3rd hatch lock actuator. The most recent one i bought worked for 1 week then just stopped working. Why is this happening? Just a fyi, whenever I put a new one in it seems to be loud when it unlocks the hatch. Like it pushes the lock/unlock latch/mechanism up really hard. Im not...
  3. General RSX Discussion
    Read more about the Gallery: Weirdest and Most WTF Things We Saw at the Tokyo Auto Salon at
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have had this car for about a month and today out of no where it began leaking antifreeze from the rad. Literally I was pulling the car on the ramps to change the oil and I have a leak. Is this typical issue? My car does have right at 200xxx but it has ran so good with no real issues. Also is...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I bought an o2 sensor and the connector is wrong. My connector is exact opposite of what was given to me. I looked them up online and I am confused with whats going on. I am wondering if the o2 sensors somehow got mixed up as they looked to have been replaced. This is what my plug looks like...
  6. Bolt-On Basics EP3
    I got a DC sports Short ram intake in the mail the other day. Tore my freaking stock intake out tonite and went to install the Dc intake then I noticed it had no hole anywhere on the intake tube for the air temp sensor to plug into. They included the rubber grommet for it and the instructions...
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I'm looking for 02-04 type r,mugen lips located in California
  8. Problems & Solutions EP3
    So rear bumper lamp on the driver's side wasn't lighting up. I took off the lamp and took a look at the socket and thought it looked wrong. Turns out it's some piece of shit aftermarket socket that quit working. At some point some retard cut off the original and replaced it with this. I ordered...
  9. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Hi everyone, looking for a hood and drivers side fender. Car is black and car is an 03 rsx. THANK YOU!! Everyone
  10. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Okay so as the title says, I have a password jdm power chamber intake on my 02 type s. I want to do a catch can setup but I would have to plug the hole on the side of the intake that goes to the valve cover. Since it's carbon fiber how would I go about doing that?
  11. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Hey everyone . Just wondering if anyone has 05/06 fogs for sale ? Thanks!
  12. ECU Tuning RSX
    I installed a BDL fuel rail and 650cc injectors today (going turbo soon and I already typed 650cc in kpro) and I wanted to level out my A/F ratios before I throw the turbo kit on and get a real tune from Magnesium. Well anyways, I went back and forth tuning it about 4-5 times and things are...
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have a 02 type s with 155 thousand miles. Ever since I bought it at 100 thousand Ive always had a small idle problem though it never shot me a cel code. A few weeks ago decided to take the TB and IACV off to clean it. Well come to find out whom ever had the car before me simply by-passed IACV...
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    so I blew my transmission. I guess the tranny oil drain plug came off I honestly dont know. I drove it to school and noticed a couple weird sounds long story short on my way home my car just died. I had it towed to a express tire the closest location for a shop. Im in a dilemma..... the...
  15. ECU Tuning RSX
    Any help would be great having a weird hiccup randomly while driving, durring all loads. happened after i ran the car with out the ecu grounded properly. i made 2 data logs once again, any help would be great.
  16. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Short version: used '02 Type-S came with aftermarket deck. I am replacing it with a different aftermarket deck. Took the old one out to see what hackery had been done on the wiring. Found this: It's been a while since I've done any install work, but if I'm not mistaken, that's a line-level...
  17. Exterior Mods RSX
    Can someone clarify this for me please:firemad: I assumed in the online honda / acura parts dealers, when you go to the exterior accessories, those lips , skirts, and wings were the A-Spec ones, hence why many are discontinued. My 03 arctic blue pearl already had the A-Spec lips/sides, I just...
1-17 of 500 Results