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  1. Will the Mugen SS last 5 years without needing to be replaced?

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I'm one of those people who like to "do it right" no matter how much it costs. I read a lot about people saying the springs or coilovers aren't reliable in the long run because the rear end will drop gradually too much and the ride will get very bouncy. So I am really interested in investing...
  2. Havent washed car in 2 years.

    Car Care RSX
    Im about to wash a 99' Civic Si that hasnt been washed in over 2 years, exterior or interior. It has clear coat coming off, paint chipped off on RH rims, dirt and crap and leaves everywhere. Im wondering what i should do to stop the clear coat from coming off more, its my bros car, and he lost...
  3. JDM Cars from my Trip to Japan 2 years ago

    JDM Only RSX
    December of 2003, I went to Japan and took a ton of pics of the cars there as well as met up with a few groups there. There's definitely a huge difference between the city car owners and the ones that live outside of the city, especially in the mountains. Figure this would be a good start for...
  4. Shocks are gone after 1.5 years on lowering springs

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hi all, I have had Progress Springs for just over 1.5 years...and as of the last few months...I am really starting to notice the ride quality degradation. I was thinking of going with Koni shocks, but I'm not too keen on having to drill out my front struts and put inserts in them. This...
  5. after 2.5 years: xenondepot 6k hid problem, please help!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    it's been 2.5 years since i purchased my xenondepot 6k hid kit, and i've never had a problem til now.... i just parked my car....and then i noticed that my right side hid low beam headlight came on!! and the funny thing is it's only on the right side!! so i rushed back in my car to check if i...
  6. compatibility of bodykits between years

    Exterior Mods RSX
    will the aftermkt bodykits of JDM integra yr '01-03 fit the new rsx? just wondering as there might be people out there selling off their bodykits from the 01-03 models. i'd think only the lights look different, but other than that, the fitting specs of the bodykit should be the same or am i wrong?
  7. New years resolutions for your car....

    Auto X & Road Racing
    I hope all you guys and gals had a very good lets hear some New Years Resolutions for your cars. I put this here because the resolutions here in the Autocross/Roadracing forum will be different than the standard members resolution.
  8. 17 years old and first time at the track. Look plz

    1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Well my dad signed for me, but I raced our 5spd grand am gt. It has 150 hp and 155 ft-lbs torque. I will get pics of the timeslips tomorrow ciz its late now but ill tell you them now. Can ppl tell me what I did good and bad on. I dont know what have the stuff on the slip means lol. Remember it...
  9. has your RSX MORPHED over the years?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    I wanna start a thread and see how much you guys have modified ur ride over the months/years.. post pics with before/after shots... ill start... bought the virgin back in june 2002... my first mod was a type-r wing, no drop, nothing.. just a type r wing.. now that i look back on it, it looked...
  10. How will be the engine after F/I for few years and then take it out?

    Turbo RSX
    I am wondering if you put in a turbo into RSX, and then taken out after a few years when you sell your RSX.. How will the engine performs? will it still as healthy and before, or it will just dying without turbo as it has F/I so long?
  11. I sentence Acura's designer's to 1000 years...

    Exterior Mods RSX
    of hard labor, replacing the headlights in the RSX! I bought some Xenon H1 lightbulbs to replace the stock halogens, and I decided to put them on this morning. Sweet mother of God! What a P.I.T.A.! The passenger side wasn't TOO bad, but the driver's side.. I had to completely remove the...
  12. Will wondow tints peel/bubble after a few years?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Will window tints peel/bubble after a few years? I see a lot of older cars that have bubbles in their tinted windows, and it looks horrible! Does this happen even on good tint jobs? If this will happen on the my rsx, i will not get tints. Any tint experts out there?