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‘02 RSX Knocking/Ticking Sound Cold Start

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Hello all I am new to the community and recently purchased an ‘02 base RSX two months ago with 65k miles. The engine was quiet and didn't notice any weird sounds when first purchasing it. The noise started becoming audible during cold starts and started a day or two after getting my muffler delete which I don’t think has anything to do with but I might be wrong. It doesn’t being right away but at around 2,000-1,500 RPM and disappears when the engine warms up to operating temp. The engine is completely stock and the only mod I have is a muffler delete. I inspected the engine and used a screwdriver as a stethoscope and notice the coming from the manifold area and near the edge of the block. I then pressed it against the injectors and the injectors were making the same sound. I know k20 are loud engines in general but I doubt my case has to do with loud injectors. The car runs perfectly fine and there’s no leaks. Did an oil change a month ago and the oil is good. I linked the cold and warm start to compare. If anyone knows what the issue might be or if I am overthinking please feel free to share!
RSX Cold Start
RSX Warm Start
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I am overthinking
I don't understand this muffler deleate? Last I checked you kinda sorta gotta have one? Honesty, I think the car is new to you and yes you might be over analizing it. You did what I would have done as to changing the oil. I'd service the tranny also and power steering fluid too. Get it on a maintance schedule that you know when what was done. It's your baby now? have a nice weekend and put some miles on that thing.
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