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This Dakota is 7 years old and only has 31,000 miles. The downside is that it sits outside 24/7 and works at the airport. This car had the WORST contamination I have ever seen. It felt like 400 grit sandpaper. It took me over 3 hours to clay the car (wish I have aggressive clay) and I went thru 3 clay bars. After the claying, a one-step was asked for. The swirls were pretty bad but I decided to go with PO106FF on a White LC pad and that was the perfect choice. I would say it knocked out about 85% of swirls. I was so impressed with how well this cut and finished down.

Megs WB 4:1
Megs APC 10:1 (tires/wells)
Megs Gold Class
Pinnacle PolyClay (3bars)

PO106FF White LC Pad @ 600 - 1200 - 600 rpms
Poorboys EX Sealant

Megs HyperDressing (4:1)
Stoners Invisible Glass
Poorboys Trim Restorer
Poorboys Natural Look (interior)


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