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02-04 Kpro

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Need to get rid of mine, going stock.

Willing to trade for your stock ecu + cash.

Or, I'll sell it stand alone... for cash.

Paypal/cash only.

PM me offers or leave them here.


Edit 8/23

PMs recieved, posting price:

700 (firm) + stock ecu shipped to 94602 (oakland, ca)

1. cash
2. local
3. your ecu and cash in my hand
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replied + clear your pm box
pm me how much you want with and without trade
waiting on your reply...
ive got cash in hand. i pm'ed you but no response.

pm'd cash in hand..
lol, damn.. sorry folks, I am half way across the world right now, hence the lack of responce. I just cleared my PM box. The offers have been extensive. I am posting a new price at the top of the page. Here is how I will decide how this thing gets sold:

1. Price
2. Anybody from northern california will get priority
3. Willing to ship their ecu/give me their ecu first so I can get my car up and running.

Check first thread, price will be posted!
bump, sorry, it is hard to get internet access here in Budapest... I will probably be responding slowly.
nobody wants kpro?
how much for stand alone unit?
Does it come with cable, CD, and receipt? And this is from your type S right?
yeah dat ^^
So how much for a straight sale?
umm in located in the bay area.....what stock ecu you looking for? 02-04 types? cuz i have 2 ecus i can hand to you plus cash for your kpro if you want...but there not 02-04 type s ones......
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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