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Howdy guys

This is my JDM Spec CTR I imported from Japan in latre 2014.

Will keep this as brief as possible so that I dont bore you with walls of text :)

Its a 2002 model with the optional C Package, came with a few extras from Japan.
Defi gauges (Oil Press, Oil Temp, Water Temp and Manifold Press)
Defi Link
Mugen front lip
Mugen catback
Mugen Twin loop
Mugen Intake and ram scoop
A-Tech - Final Speeds ( Rays Gram Lights 57C)

I have added a Cusco front brace.
Tegiwa triple core radiator (OEM Radiator developed a leak)
Innovative 60A Poly mounts.
Spoon magnetic sump and gearbox plugs.
Have Cusco front and rear sway bars to install.
Have STi brembo's I want to install soon.
Done a fair bit of maintenance to the car (Brakes, ball joints, tie rods, drop links, primary o2 sensor, tyres, many services :) )

On to some pics :)

Car in Japan waiting to be loaded onto the ship.

When the car landed and got cleared, we found someone had stolen my aerial, UK Emblem and tweeters for the sound system.

Fast forward to recently and this is how the car currently is.

Engine bay needs a new detail again

Thank you for reading, comments and criticisms welcome.
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