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Two Week Special!!!!!
Until 6/18 I will sell the long block and trans together for $1500
I'm moving and don't want to haul them. You must pick up.
Trans pending sale. Long block @ $1000

Scroll down for pics

$1000 -- Long block
35k miles
Includes sensors, solenoids, intake mani, water pump, everything from the valve cover to the oil pan minus accessories.
9:1 Wiseco pistons
Eagle H-beam rods (Newer version with stronger bolts)

$750 -- 6spd Trans w/ Quaife
55k miles
2003 EP3 Civic 5spd trans
Acura TSX 6th gear
Quaife LSD
3rd gear grinds

Turbo Kit -- make offers on this stuff
Revhard manifold + dump tube
50mm Tial BOV
35mm Turbosmart Wastegate
3-bar MSD MAP sensor
GM Boost control solenoid

$30 -- Stock clutch plate/disc - unknown mileage but lots of life left
Stock fuel rail - make offer

SOLD -- 2.5" IC piping + couplers, t-bolt clamps
SOLD -- Treadstone 18.5x6x3.5" FMIC - Vertical flow
SOLD -- Precision SC6262S
SOLD -- Precision SC3431E
SOLD -- K-Pro
SOLD -- Ingalls Torque Damper (Zero scratches on body)
SOLD -- Enjo Motor Mounts (well used but they still work)
SOLD -- RBC Manifold modified+adapter used 1 week
SOLD -- 6spd '03-S Stock Trans 60k miles
SOLD -- ACT Xtreme pressure plate
SOLD -- 750cc RC Injectors
SOLD -- Innovative "street" motor mounts (all 4)
SOLD -- Return fuel system

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Pm your bottom line price for the rbc/adapter.

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good guy to buy from


BECAUSE! racecar...
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Price for the Full fuel system minus the injectors and walbro and intank assembly.

Thats my shorty
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can i get just the dp?
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