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Rides like a new car
Very clean underneath, little surface rust
Only 2 owners besides me, I bought it off someone who bought it from the original owner - Have most of the original paperwork
Lots of new parts since I had intentions of keeping this car for a long time

Interior Cons:
Has a small tear in bottom of driver side seat
Leather chipping on top of steering wheel
Hole worn through driver side floor mat and partially into carpet underneath pedals, prevented the problem from worsening with a rubber pedal mat

Exterior Cons:
Typical paint chips on hood, front bumper, and front of fenders - touched these up to the best of my ability but you can still tell up close
Bottom door window trim has paint cracking and peeling away, will fix this soon
Wheels have some pitting from brake dust
Paint could use a full buff and polish - Black paint shows everything

Work done less than 3k miles ago:
Tires - Goodyear ComfortTred
Front brake pads - Akebono
Front rotors resurfaced
Driver side brake caliper - Duralast
4 wheel alignment
Transmission gear oil changed - Honda OEM Fluid
KYB shocks on all 4 corners
Intake Filter replaced
Serpentine belt
Stock Motor Mounts Replaced

Selling because I no longer need a commuter car
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