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03TypeSexy's ABP Budget Build

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Hello everyone!

I've been lurking on the forums for a while and decided it was time to make a build thread and share my story. I'm an automotive student and work a low paying job so progress is slow and steady.

Going back to 2014 I had an EG Civic which needed a lot of suspension work and sat in my garage for a month like this

It was during this that I noticed a used car lot that I drive by almost everyday had a nice little bone stock RSX sitting right outside in the front row, so one day I decided to pop in and ask about it. Well needless to say I fell in love with it, and a few days and one car loan later I brought it home!

The previous and only other owner of the car was an old woman who bought the car brand new off the lot in 2002 and the car only had 35k miles on it when I bought it!

Now its time for mods :thumbsup:
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After debating on what to do first I decided to go for a nice cat-back. I wanted it to sound nice but also wanted to have room to grow so I went with a Skunk2 Megapower R 70mm

On the car (and obligatory car wash pic)

Needed brakes so I grabbed some D/S rotors and ceramic pads from Powerstop

And last of all for 2014 was an Injen CAI

Summer fun...

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New England winters suck

My window regulator decided to snap on my way to school one day

To celebrate the arrival of Spring I decided it was time to start playing with my suspension. I ordered a set of BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers and an SPC rear camber kit

Low and Slow

Painted my stockies white because I was too poor for actual rims

Then as summer rolled around it was time for more power. I picked up a Skunk2 Alpha Race Header along with some ESMMs to go with it. The install was a nightmare and I regret not going to an exhaust shop to get it done.

As winter approached once more I started thinking about parking the RSX for the winter so I could start building the motor. I picked up a 98 Civic as a beater car for $400

And then this happened two months later and ruined my plans, no motor was built this winter :(

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Did you powder coat your wheels white?
Nope just spray painted them
Black housings/8000k HIDs

While parked at work one day I left my windows down. On my way home I checked my rear view and noticed I had a previously unknown bird co-pilot :weeeeeeeeee:


Finally bought some aftermarket wheels, JNC 010 17x9 +25 and some Yokohama S-Drives 215/40r17

Fixing the daily

ALL FIXED! (Sorta) :shady:

Car went to the bodyshop for about a week to get some quarter panel rust taken care of so I just had them roll them while it was up there.

Wheels on the car! This is how it currently sits

Posted up

As of now I'm not really sure what direction I want to take with it. Next on the list is Kpro and some head work but after that I'm not really sure. I've been wanting to turbo it since I got it but I'm now having second thoughts about it and I may just keep it N/A :dontknow:
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ABP crew checkin in; loose the 215s and get some 245s! Keep it NA, if you regret installing a header than you will have a bad time with a turbo build. Just saw the tag budget, aint nothing budget about a worth while turbo build.
Beefy tires will be coming when I start tracking it :thumbsup:
I like those wheels, being that low how does it ride?
It rides really good actually. Had to play with the dampening a little bit but its a pretty comfy ride even on these awful New England roads
So I've hit a little bit of a wall. Just had to pay out $3800 for that accident I was in because I was uninsured so all my plans have been set back once again. I also can't get it inspected because I'm catless and my o2 defouler isn't doing its job so I either have a CEL or my Catalyst Monitor is Incomplete. Time to save for Kpro and a tune.
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