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Hello all, Picking up an 05 type-s shell this weekend, I have found what seems to be a good deal on a motor and trans, but its for an 04. The seller says I can get the engine and trans working in my car, he just does not know how. I just want to check and make sure that is correct and he is not just trying to sell his setup. I am new to DC5 in the form of getting mechanical. we used to have a 02 -s years ago and are getting back into the platform.

Does anyone know what it would take to get the setup working properly?
Thank you in advance!

Edit: its not set in stone, but im looking to go AEM infinity for PCM, and my wire harness is for an 05. not 100% closed off to hondata Kpro. Figured that may help in figuring out what can be done.
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