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This is from the manual. You take off the intake and there are two ports as you look in.

6. Put your fingers on the lower port (A) in the throttle body.
Does the engine speed drop below 700 1 (750) 2 rpm?
YES-Check the idle speed with a different load condition (electrical, A/C, gear position, P/S etc.) (see page 11-348). If it’s out of specification, replace the IAC valve (see page 11-412).
NO-Check for vacuum leaks at these parts.
• PCV valve
• PCV hose
• EVAP canister purge valve
• Throttle body
• Intake manifold
• Brake booster hose
• Intake air bypass control thermal valve

I've never smoke tested, but spraying those parts with some carb clean will cause th motor to change as it gets sucked in. Not sure how to post the pics from manual.
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