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05-06 almost complete Aspec trim kit

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So I have an almost complete 05-06 Aspec trim kit (missing the driver side handle and a piece from the console, pic used to show which piece). Just trying to see if there is any interest in it before I decide to keep it to finish completing it. Also looking as to see what is the value to it. Thanks for any input
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If it truly is mint you can ask whatever you want some dumbass that has more money than sense will impulsivly buy it they aren't in production and never will be again so I would price at 600 and take 500 bills but I am fairly certain yours is not perfect as they never will be 100 percent. Always going to have imperctions aint nobody perfect not even GOD
To each their own not everyone has expensive a spec snob level status anymore come on really
1 - 2 of 10 Posts