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Last night I finally assembled and sealed my transmission, all new synchros/sleeves, bearings, and a LSD. Now that I'm going over the service manual for other seals I was looking at the diagram for the countershaft assembly and I noticed there's an orientation for the 1/2 hub and I'm not sure if I put it back together properly. I'm hoping I don't have to take this all apart and clean again because that would be a pain.

My question is what happens if this hub is upside down? I remember initially taking it off to look at it because stupid me couldn't line up the sleeve on the hub to slide it into 1st (before I realized there's 6 teeth that fit into larger grooves on the hub) and in doing so I can't remember if I put it back together properly. I'm able to freely spin 1st and 2nd gear on the countershaft while in neutral. All the gears on the mainshaft also spin freely in neutral. I can also move the sleeve into 1st or 2nd gear without any issues. And I do remember the notches on the shift forks were all centered where the shift lever installs.

If you look at this picture closely you can see the 90 degree step on the upper right corner is taller than the 90 degree step on the bottom side. I have no idea what the marking is supposed to show since both sides looked identical when viewing the part in my hand.


The only thing I can think of is that the hub orientation will either slightly lower or raise all the gears on the countershaft, from the looks of it about 1mm or less based on the step size difference in the manual. Is there any way to tell if it's not installed properly with the transmission already assembled? Would somehow 1/2 not spin freely with the hub backwards?
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