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just because its ebay does defiantly not mean its shit fitment,
it all depends on the sellers & who you buy from, Ebay is just a easy online market for consumers & sellers minus'ing all the hassle of back & forth emails, shipping, extra overviews/invoices and so on..

most brand name shops/companies like VIS or baysonR etc. sell their products on there
so be sure to look upon the sellers name on the ad
dont be fooled by keywords like "jdm" or "mugen" etc..

most people who order off ebay get a hit or miss parts because they rely on the pricing & how much they want to spend
not recognizing the other stuff
so i suggest you double check before checking out & in the mean time do research so you know who gives out a good product you dont want to end up Buying again just because of fitment :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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